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Free Music Theory Worksheets Treble ClefAt Last – Free Music Theory Worksheets and lots of ideas on how to use them with your students.

If you have been teaching long enough, you’ve “been there”.  You’ve experienced that moment when your student has been dropped off for their lesson without their music books.

They are in the car, or at home, or were left at Grandma’s house last weekend.  They will not be arriving at any point during the lesson.  Mom or Dad figure that you will be able to teach a lesson to their child – somehow.

Why Free Music Theory Worksheets?

We need Free Music Theory Worksheets because:

  • It’s just not feasible for every teacher to have a “teacher’s copy” of every book that every student uses.
  • It’s just not possible for a teacher to remember what pages each student was to be practicing.
  • The student will often not remember what they were supposed to be practicing either.

Don’t Panic!  The Free Music Theory Worksheets are here to save the day.  Or at least provide you with enough activities to get you through to the end of the lesson.  Your student will have accomplished a successful lesson using the Free Music Theory worksheets!

In addition to the Free Music Theory Worksheets, download the Free Music Theory Exams and Answer pages.

Digital Downloads available at SHOP Ultimate Music Theory including the Ultimate Music Theory Exam and Answer books Set #1 and Set #2.

Free Music Theory Worksheets – List

At Ultimate Music Theory, we also know the importance of Focused Repetition.  The ancient Romans said “Repetitio mater studiorum est”, or “Repetition is the mother of all learning”.

Focused Repetition is called Confident-Based Repetition.

We realize that some students need to use Focused Repetition in order to build their confidence.

The Free Music Theory Worksheets will help you support your students to:

  • Develop stronger fine motor skills
  • Strengthen memorization skills
  • Build self-confidence

Whether your Student has a Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic or Special Needs Learning Style, they will be successful using the FREE Ultimate Music Theory Worksheets for Focused Repetition.  Focused Repetition is also fun!

Use the ideas that we have provided for each series of Worksheets, or use your imagination to find the approach to Focused Repetition that will motivate your student based on their own Learning Style and personality.

Print, Play and Learn with the Ultimate Music Theory Worksheets!

The Way to Score Success!