The Ultimate Music Theory Overview Chart is a quick music theory overview that outlines the progression of concepts in the Prep 1, Prep 2, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rudiments levels of the Ultimate Music Theory Workbook Series.

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From the beginner music theory level in Prep 1 Rudiments to the Advanced Rudiments level, where does your student belong?

Discover what theory level your student should move into when they start the Ultimate Music Theory Series.

Use the Theory Overview Chart to choose the correct Workbook for a:

  • Beginner Student of any age
  • Student with no theory background
  • Student with some theory background but gaps in their knowledge

The Theory Overview Chart outlines the concepts in each Workbook for:

  • Prep 1 & Prep 2 Rudiments
  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Rudiments
  • Complete Rudiments Workbook is for the advanced learner and covers concepts from all Levels

The Ultimate Music Theory Overview Chart will show you the progression from Prep 1 Rudiments to Advanced Rudiments for the following theory concepts:

  • Pitch - Rhythm - Scales
  • Triads  - Chords - Intervals
  • Keys - Transposition - Cadences

The Ultimate Music Theory Complete Rudiments Workbook is a unique workbook that progresses through all Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rudiments concepts quickly and thoroughly in ONE Complete Workbook.

The Complete Rudiments Workbook is designed for the:

  • Older music student or accelerated learner
  • Intermediate or Advanced Theory Transfer Student
  • Student preparing to take an entrance exam into any College or University Music Program around the world.

The Complete Rudiments is a "must" for every Teacher who is passionate about ensuring that there are "no gaps" in their own theory foundation.

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program™ and The Royal Conservatory™ of Music Examinations have established Theory co-requisites for Practical Examinations. View the UMT Chart below.

The Ultimate Music Theory Workbooks together with the new UMT Supplemental Workbook Series, helps students prepare for The Royal Conservatory of Music Theory Examinations using the RCM 2016 theory syllabus.

So-La and Ti-Do
UMT Supplemental Series DREAM TEAM

Music Teachers Helping Music Teachers!  The UMT DREAM TEAM - has created the "Ultimate" Supplemental Workbooks to compliment the UMT Workbook Series in helping you master the 2016 RCM Theory Syllabus. Plus Organized Video Resources for History in each LEVEL. We Got You Covered!

Engaging, Education & Entertaining!  So-La & Ti-Do will guide you through Mastering Music Theory!

UMT Supplemental Workbooks include 3 Keys to Music Mastery!

  • Form & Analysis – Plus Sight Reading NEW Ultimate Piano Pieces!
  • Melody Writing – Imagine, Create and Explore Music Composition!
  • Music History – Composers and Eras, Musical Styles & More!

UMT Supplemental - RCM Levels

Ultimate Music Theory - Creating a solid foundation in pedagogy.

The Way to Score Success!