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Ultimate Music Theory was founded by Glory St. Germain on December 1, 2008. The Ultimate Music Theory Program has a proven step-by-step system that provides music teachers & students the best music educational materials through the Ultimate Music Theory Workbook Series, Online Courses, UMT Membership & UMT App.

"Enriching Lives Through Music Education"

1 - Glory St. Germain

Glory St. Germain Founder/CEO, TEDx Speaker, International Bestselling Author 50+ Ultimate Music Theory Books & The Power of WHY Musicians Series. Glory is an award-winning speaker, Host of Global Music Teachers Summits, Expert Coach & Creator of the UMTC Elite Educator Program.

Glory St. Germain ARCT RMT MYCC UMTC is the music theory expert!

Glory brings remarkably successful teaching experience to the development of the Ultimate Music Theory Program through the:

  • Ultimate Music Theory Workbook & App Program
  • Ultimate Music Theory Teachers Membership and
  • UMTC Elite Educator Program & UMT Certification Course

Glory St. Germain is a thought leader and has shared the Women Rocking Business stage with Sage Lavine, speaking & inspiring thousands of women leaders & entrepreneurs.

Glory is a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) which she incorporates into her teacher training. She has held positions in many music teacher organizations and associations.

Glory's passion for teaching excellence sets a new standard of achievement in Music Theory Education - helping teachers Elevate their Income, Impact their Teaching and Grow their Expert Music Teaching Business in the UMTC Elite Educator Program.

Her motto is "Teach with Passion!"

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