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Ultimate Music Theory started December 1, 2008. Ultimate Music Theory is about providing the best quality educational materials to music teachers and students throughout the world.

The Ultimate Music Theory Series and Ultimate Music Theory Courses bring music theory education to students, teachers and schools, by blending the pleasure of learning with sound music instruction.

Our Motto: "Enriching Lives Through Music Education"

The Ultimate Music Theory Series includes Prep 1 Rudiments, Prep 2 Rudiments, Basic Rudiments, Intermediate Rudiments, Advanced Rudiments and the Ultimate Complete Rudiments Workbooks along with the matching Answer Books.  The Ultimate Music Theory Exam Series includes practice exams for Preparatory Rudiments, Basic Rudiments, Intermediate Rudiments and Advanced Rudiments Exams along with the matching Answer Books.

These Workbooks and Practice Exams help students prepare for nationally recognized theory examinations including The Royal Conservatory™ of Music and the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program™.

Ultimate Music Theory Workbooks are based on a proven approach to the study of music theory that follows these 4 Ultimate Music Theory Learning Principles:

  • Simplicity of Learning - Easy to understand instructions, examples and exercises.
  • Memory Joggers - Tips for all learning styles including auditory, visual and kinesthetic (tactile).
  • Tie it All Together - Helping musicians understand the universal language of music.
  • Make it Relevant - Applying theoretical concepts to pedagogical studies.

At Ultimate Music Theory we are all about NEPD - Never Ending Professional Development for teachers, through our Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course, Free Video Lessons and UMT Blog.  Ultimate Music Theory is also about raising the awareness and understanding of the role that music plays in overall education and quality of life worldwide.

We are proud to share more about us.

2015 MTNA National Conference - Glory St. Germain - Ultimate Music Theory

About - Glory St. Germain - Founder, Author and CEO

Glory - ARCT RMT MYCC UMTC is the founder, CEO and author of the Ultimate Music Theory Series. Glory brings over 35 years of remarkably successful teaching experience to the development of the UMT Series and UMT Courses, including the Elite Educator Program. Glory is a Registered Music Teacher, sought-after clinician and a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP). She has served as President of the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers Association, Canadian Coordinator for the MusicLink Foundation and Manitoba Coordinator for Music for Young Children (and contributed to the MYC program as a composer). Glory's passion for teaching excellence sets a new standard of achievement in Music Theory Education.


About - Shelagh McKibbon-U’Ren - UMT Examiner, Editor and Co-Author

Shelagh - RMT UMTC is the Examiner and Editor for Ultimate Music Theory.  Shelagh is also the author of the Ultimate Music Theory Exam Series and numerous UMT publications and blogs and Co-Author of the UMT Supplemental Series. Shelagh is a member of ORMTA and has a successful teaching studio, where she has taught piano, theory, voice, harmony and history for over 35 years. Shelagh's creative approach and special training in working with Educational, Emotional and Behavioral needs students empowers her to show students the Way to Score Success! Her mentoring, support and workshops for teachers are always in demand. Shelagh’s love of music and teaching shines through in her many recognized accomplishments.

Joanne Barker UMT

About - Joanne Barker - Community Manager - Games Creator

Joanne - ORMTA affiliate member, UMTC is the creator of the UMT Games. Joanne has been teaching piano for over 35 years, teaching group lessons from beginner through to Grade 8 Conservatory. An experienced teacher, Joanne is a detail-oriented creative designer who brings excellence to the creation of the UMT Games. Joanne's superlative work, from concept to final output, combines her expertise with deep and detailed knowledge of teaching music theory with creative, inventive and out-of-the-box ideas. Joanne is excited to be a part of the UMT team and looks forward to creating more games in the future.


About - Kyle Sierens - Senior Web Developer & Product Designer

Kyle - Senior Web Developer & Product Designer for Ultimate Music Theory. Kyle is a web design, development & multimedia specialist. Working in the production world since 2002, Kyle's experiences in internet workflows, troubleshooting and audio production makes him a great addition to the Ultimate Music Theory Team. Driven by his attention to detail and desire to get the job done right, Kyle's expertise in communication, online learning and technical knowledge enhance the Ultimate Music Theory Customer Relations Support.

David St Germain

About - David St. Germain - V.P & Corporate Marketing Adviser

David - Vice President and Corporate Marketing Adviser for Ultimate Music Theory. David has become one of the most sought after Marketing Experts in Canada. With his explosive talent for Lead Generation and lightening fast results, David has created a magnetic profile that is fun to be around. A ruthless pursuit of discovering the most effective marketing techniques and strategies has lead David to study with some of the most successful marketers on the planet. A constant student, there is no “know it all” here. David continues to research, study, apply, improve and refine his craft daily - always taking his experience and knowledge to the next level.


About - Sherry St. Germain - UMT Visionary

Sherry – Ultimate Music Theory Visionary. Sherry is a classically trained, accomplished pianist, Producer/Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist and Multi Instrumentalist. Sherry is a talented entertainer and music teacher in keyboards and production. Published and supported by Nettwerk One and Milk Music Co. Sherry is passionate about continuing music education in all genres of music. Sherry writes and produces music for Major Film and TV sync placements and is known for her ability to craft that perfect catchy hit. Sherry is sought after for her extensive and genre bending catalogue of music. Sherry’s production, song writing and vocal skills create unique relationships and musical works with those she’s collaborates with on the UMT Team.

About - Danika Magalas - Social Media Assistant

Danika - Social Media Assistant and music student of piano and theory. Danika first started with Ultimate Music Theory as a student and has now continued with her passion for music by joining the Ultimate Music Theory Team. Danika is an undergraduate University student studying Medical Sciences at Brock University. Along with her University studies, Danika teaches beginner Piano in the Niagara Region. Danika is very excited to be apart of the Ultimate Music Theory Team!


About - Ruth Douglas - UMT Supplemental Series - Harmony, History and Analysis Consultant

Ruth - ARCT (in Teaching and in Piano Performance) RMT, UMTC, B.Sc., B.Ed. Ultimate Music Theory Supplemental Workbook and Answer Book Series consultant for Harmony, History and Analysis. Consultant Ruth Douglas teaches piano and theory,  preparing students for examinations with both the RCM and Conservatory Canada. Ruth has a lifelong passion for learning, for sharing knowledge and for helping others to be the best that they can be. Ruth is a sought-after advanced harmony teacher at the University of Manitoba Music Department.

About - Julianne Warkentin-Dick

About - Julianne Warkentin - UMT Supplemental Series - Composer of Piano Pieces

Julianne - ARCT RMT UMTC is the composer for Ultimate Music Theory Supplemental Series - Piano Pieces for Sight Reading and Analysis. Along with her ARCT in Piano Performance from the University of Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music, she is a member of the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers’ Association and an adjudicator for the Associated Manitoba Art’s Festivals. She has received many awards for her compositions and is published in the Canadian National Conservatory’s beginner to grade 8 Northern Lights series. Julianne has a professional private music studio and specializes in piano, composition & theory. She is inspired by children, animals, nature, family and her own spiritual journey.


About - Heather Kolankowski - Creator of Ultimate Music Yoga Program

Heather - RYT200 UMTC is the creator of the Ultimate Music Yoga Program. Heather is an APTA Member and enjoys teaching and sharing her love of music. Heather's years of expertise include teaching Kindermusik, directing the Ecole Airdrie Middle School Choir and working with the early stages of Alzheimer’s patients at Bethany Care Centre in Airdrie, Alberta. Heather is a PADI certified Rescue Diver and RYT-200 specializing in Yoga Therapy and has attended the Faculty of Medicine’s “Injuries in the Performing Arts” Conference at the University of Calgary. Heather believes that balance in all aspects of our lives can nurture both health and creativity, and is essential to all musicians.

About - Deanna McKibbon

About - Deanna Walker - Ultimate Music Theory App Content Editor

Deanna - Ultimate Music Theory App content editor for Ultimate Music Theory. Deanna is a graduate of Kingswood University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Ministry. A 3rd Generation Music Teacher, Deanna has training in Piano, Theory, Voice, Ear Training, Sight Reading, History and Harmony. Deanna’s creative training in computer programming, Finale and music make her a perfect fit for the “Dedicated to Music Education” Team at Ultimate Music Theory.

Tiffany Wilson

About - Tiffany A. Wilson - Ultimate Music Theory App "Voice"

Tiffany - B.Mus., A.M.M., RMT is "the Voice" for the Ultimate Music Theory App. Tiffany is a successful singer, pianist, served as President of the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers Association, adjudicator, clinician and actress. Tiffany holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and Drama from the University of Manitoba and acquired an A.M.M. in piano from the Western Board of Music. Vocal studies brought her to New York and Europe, where she also performed and became fluent in French and Italian. Tiffany never imagined that she would be "The Voice" of the Ultimate Music Theory App. She is thrilled and so are her enthusiastic students.


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