Ultimate Music Theory Online Courses give you the freedom to study at your own tempo, in your own home, on your own schedule.

Musicians through the years have studied and developed the universal language of music theory in order to communicate more effectively through their music.

Understanding music theory makes it easy to sight read piano music, improvise with lead sheets when playing guitar, compose violin music, play in a band, follow the score as a vocalist and read the melodic or harmonic lines and so much more!

UMT Online Courses make it easy to Master Music Theory!

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Learning music theory and learning "how to teach" music theory along with piano lessons, voice, violin, etc. just got easier!

If you are using the RCM Theory Syllabus and want the Step-by-Step System on how to teach music theory in an easy to understand way... We Got You Covered!

Ultimate Music Theory Online Courses include Downloadable Worksheets for each Video Lesson.  Unlimited access to Online Learning!


Complete Music Theory Course

Complete Music Theory Online Course includes: 24 Step-by-Step Video Sessions and Online Support with Exam Marking & Certificate! Learn at your own tempo.

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Teacher UMT Certification Course

Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course Online Teacher Training includes: 50 Video Sessions, All Materials, Online Support, Exam Marking & Certificate!

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Teach the Supplemental Series Course

Teach the UMT Supplemental Series Course - Webinar Video Sessions on how to simplify complex concepts from the RCM Syllabus in the UMT Supplemental Series.

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Teach Rhythm & Rests Course

Teach Rhythm & Rests Course is a Teacher Training with 8 Video Sessions plus downloadable worksheets on Simple, Compound & Hybrid Time on Teaching Rests.

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Teach Intervals Course

Teach Intervals Online Course is a Teacher Training with 6 Video Sessions plus downloadable worksheets on the What, Where & Why Secrets for Teaching Intervals.

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Exclusive Teacher Training Course

Exclusive Teacher Training Online Course includes Learning Styles, 7 Keys to Creation, Connecting with Confidence, Marketing and How to Teach Music Theory.

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Teach Basic Rudiments Course

FREE Tips to Teach Basic Rudiments Online Mini-Course includes 12 Video Sessions on how to simplify complex concepts in each Lesson of Basic Music Theory.

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Learn Rhythm & Rests Course

The Learn Rhythm & Rests Course is a Step-by-Step System on how to use 4 Effective Ways to Learn Rhythm using the innovative UMT Rhythm & Rests Method.

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Ultimate Music Yoga Course

The Ultimate Music Yoga Course includes 12 Sessions: Designed for beginners of all ages to improve flexibility and increase fitness level.

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UMT Online Courses

Your Professional Development starts with the Ultimate Music Theory Online Courses.  The Way to Score Success!

At Ultimate Music Theory, we are all about NEPD – Never Ending Professional Development for teachers, through our Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course, Resources and Online Support.

Ultimate Music Theory is also about raising the awareness and understanding of the role that music plays in overall education and quality of life worldwide.

We are proud to learn, teach and share our passion for music education with you through our UMT Online Courses.

Learning to play piano, sing, teach voice, play in a school band, what ever your instrument of choice, or voice... you need to learn music theory.

And at UMT - We Got You Covered!  Discover how you can get started today.

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