4 Tips for Theory Exam Preparation


4 Tips for Theory Exam Preparation - That was Easy!

Your Students have worked hard and are preparing to write their Nationally Recognized Theory Examination. How can we prepare our Students for a Successful Theory Examination Experience?

Theory Exam Preparation - GroupTips for Theory Exam Preparation #1 Students should complete at least 8 Practice Examinations before writing their Final Exam.

At Ultimate Music Theory, we have the only series of Practice Exams that have Answer Pages for Teachers.

Tips for Theory Exam Preparation #2 Hold a “Practice Examination” in your studio. 

Have all students who are writing their Exams come at the same time. They can only bring a ruler, eraser and pencil (and pencil sharpener if they do not have a mechanical pencil)

Theory Exam Preparation - BookYou can get the Practice Examinations today (Hard Copy or Downloadable) Exam books and Answer books. Set your studio up for a Practice Exam.

Set a Timer.

When the timer starts, the Students start completing their examination – no talking, no cell phones, no open books!

This is a Practice Examination. 

Preparatory and Basic Exams will have one hour to be completed; Intermediate and Advanced Exams will have two hours.

Tips for Theory Exam Preparation #3 Pizza Party! On the night before their Examinations, have a “Pizza Party” – play Flashcard and Whiteboard Games to review terminology and concepts. Everyone will have fun and everything will be fresh in their minds.

Tips for Theory Exam Preparation #4 Prepare your Students & their Parents.

  • Remind both Student and Parent that the Student should arrive 15 minutes before the start time of their Examination.
  • If the Student is not given a piece of blank paper to use to write out their UMT Guide before beginning their Examination, they should ask for one from the Exam Center Representative. (Have your Student practice asking for a blank piece of paper.)
  • Remind both Student and Parent that it is the Student’s responsibility to bring a pencil, eraser and ruler. They cannot bring any items that have “music” on them, so they cannot bring their UMT Rulers. If the Student does not have a mechanical pencil with extra lead, remind them to bring 2 or 3 pencils and a pencil sharpener.
  • It is always a good idea to bring a tissue or two, a bottle of water and a couple of hard candies if it is cold/allergy time. (Unwrap hard candies before the exam begins!)
  • Review what your Student can do if they get stuck – if their brain goes blank on a question. One suggestion would be to continue to the next question and then go back later to finish that question.
  • Remind Students to look at the front AND back of each page to ensure that ALL questions have been answered…and checked…and double checked.

Tips for Theory Exam Preparation - Whiteboard Music Theory ReviewThe Teacher Exam and Answer Book Pack includes 8 Exam Books (2 for each level - Preparatory, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and all 8 matching Answer Books. Buy the Teacher Exam Pack - Answer Books for you, Exam Books for your Students!
Proper Preparation will result in a Successful Examination Experience – one where the Student leaves the Exam Center and says “That was easy!”.

Do you have your Ultimate Music Theory Exams and Answer books? Order them Today!

You can also order the Digital Downloads of the Examinations. This is convenient for teachers who have their Student's Parents purchase their material! Simply send your Parents to UltimateMusicTheory.com, go to "Shop" and then, on the left side of the screen, click:

  • Prep 2 Rudiments  to purchase the Preparatory Exam Set #1 (4 Practice Exams) and Exam Set #2 (4 Practice Exams)
  • Basic Rudiments to purchase the Basic Exam Set #1 (4 Practice Exams) and Exam Set #2 (4 Practice Exams)
  • Intermediate Rudiments to purchase the Intermediate Exam Set #1 and Exam Set #2
  • Advanced Rudiments to purchase the Advanced Exam Set #1 and Exam Set #2

You might want to remind your Parents to only purchase the Exam Sets and not the Answers (unless you want the Students to mark their own exams!). Parents can then print off the exams for their children to complete.

P.S. Join the Conversation - do you have any other tips for preparing your students for examination?


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