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Music Theory Books and Online Courses

Mastering a musical instrument is something many aspire towards. Whether it's a simple understanding of basic chords or a goal of creating your own song, learning music theory with the best music theory book is a valuable tool to master practically any music instrument!

Ultimate Music Theory is a complete music theory workbook program including the only theory exam workbook series with matching answer books for the Royal Conservatory RCM Examination preparation.  Ultimate Music Theory’s exclusive music theory online theory teacher training programs provide professional pedagogy courses for easy study in your own home.

Importance of Music Theory

Music theory is the backbone of any strong mastery of music. Developing mastery requires both an understanding of various musical notations as well as how these sounds work harmoniously together. Music theory builds upon understanding key aspects of the elements of music including: rhythm, melody and harmony. Understanding basic rudiments is fundamental and essential in building strong sight reading, ear training and musicianship skills.

The Ultimate Music Theory program also provides teacher training courses covering the music theory books from music theory for beginners with Prep 1 and Prep 2 Music Theory workbooks in the Preparatory Rudiments levels, Basic Rudiments, Intermediate Rudiments through to the Advanced Music Theory Book with the:  Teach Intervals Course, Teach Rhythm and Rests Course and the exclusive teacher training pedagogy program - UMT Teacher Certification Course.

Why Music Theory Online?

Learning music theory in an online setting provides teaching at your own pace in a stress-free environment. The Ultimate Music Theory Online Courses provide you with programs that will allow you to practice lessons and study anytime, anywhere.  Self-pacing of music theory is an important step in finding your own personal musicianship skills. This allows you to work in a linear style from beginner to advanced training modes.

Learning music theory online has a few other advantages:

  • Review previous content

Self-pacing allows you to go back and revisit older content for a quick review of previous concepts learned. It also allows you to compare and contrast lessons from music theory for beginners through to the advanced music theory book instantly. Previous content can also be reviewed in whatever format you're comfortable with.

  • Repeat skills

Online learning allows music theory to be reinforced with lesson plans, review tests and exams.  Having access to resources allows you to check up on difficult questions without having to wait until another lesson session. UMT’s online resources help you understand music theory whether you are a student learning common chords and sight reading techniques or a teacher looking for creative lesson plans and a complete music theory teaching program. The ability to refer back to previous materials immediately can help retain this knowledge.

Music Theory for Everyone

Music theory is not just for individuals looking to become concert pianists or university-trained musicians. Music theory can be learned at any practice level. In fact, learning music theory is fundamental to the study of even basic music and can provide students with an even stronger foundation as they learn about technique and performance.

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"It would be satisfying for you to know that one of my beginner/adult students completely finished your complete theory book which includes beginner, intermediate and advanced material within the month of August by himself. It is another proof that your book is exceptionally good and I would highly recommend it to other teachers.  Thank you for work well done! It is well designed, professionally written and easy to understand and to follow. Your work is excellent!"
- Leon Karan B.Mus. MFA. RMT

"Thanks to Glory St. Germain and her easy to teach music theory methods, my students are taking off like rockets into the music stratosphere. I use all of the already made student-teacher-friendly lesson plans, review tests, exams and certificates. Many, if not all, of my students score 90 percent or better on each lesson and test. Student self-esteem shows each time they start to read and play their music."
- Patrick Jacobson B.G.S/B.Ed UMTC, Collegiate Music Teacher

"Students asking me if theory classes are over already seems to be a regular occurrence in my theory classes since I started using the Ultimate Music Theory series. I chose the Ultimate Music Theory Workbooks for my group piano and theory classes in 2011 and quickly discovered that they are the best books I have ever used in my 30 plus years of teaching!"
- Joanne Barker Professional Group Music Teacher

"Thank you for all the creativity and conscientious musicianship that went into designing this course so efficiently and so entertainingly. Love the memory joggers, the teaching tips, the fun that goes into this step-by-step approach, where every page counts and every question leads to a loving learning! Best theory course I’ve ever seen – by far! This course is “Glory-ous”!
- Tamara Rutgers Professional Piano and Theory Teacher

"I Don’t Like Music Theory – This is a sentence I used to say every second day when I “had” to learn theory back in the old days. Theory to me was like learning math… and I didn’t get either one of them. It wasn’t until about 3-4 years ago that  “I Don’t Like Music Theory” changed to I LOVE Music Theory when I discovered the Glory St Germain - Ultimate Music Theory Course!"
- Lisa Darlene Ammirati B. Mus, B. Ed, R.M.T

Ultimate Music Theory is the only workbook and exam series with matching answer books for quick, easy and accurate marking. The UMT Series includes Prep 1, Prep 2, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and the Complete Rudiments Workbook.

The UMT Workbooks and Exams help students prepare for nationally recognized music theory examinations including the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. UMT practice exams maximize learning to prepare for RCM exams.

UMT provides music lessons to build a solid foundation in ear training, sight reading and overall music theory education. UMT teaching methods are based on a proven approach to learning theory concepts faster and retaining knowledge with comprehensive review tests.

Free Teacher Resources include the Music Theory Blog with Teaching Tips and Sharing Ideas on how to build a pedagogic and theoretic teaching foundation.

Music theory worksheets, lesson plans and video lessons provide convenient access to teaching tips and “how to” instructions to make teaching theory easy.

Online Teacher Training Courses including the Exclusive Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course is a must for professional development, including 17 Teaching Skills and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques.

The UMT Music Flashcard App improves knowledge acquisition by optimizing the pattern of repetition with over 1300 Flashcards.

Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein was a talented scientist and musician. He played the violinist and loved to improvise on the piano. He attributed his study of music to helping him with his work as a scientist.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” ~ Albert Einstein

UMT is proud to introduce concepts as simple as possible while remaining relevant to the music itself. UMT’s unique system of introducing Time Signatures – Simple Time, Compound Time and Hybrid Time, with the introduction of the exclusive Scoops, Pulse, Plus and Tilde Sign System, guarantees students will finally understand rest placement in music.

UMT’s unparalleled method of using mnemonics and memory joggers in teaching the Circle of Fifths, Intervals, Scales, Modes, etc. creates a new level of understanding the universal language of music.

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” ~ Ignacio Estrada

Ultimate Music Theory is dedicated to teaching effectively by simplifying complex concepts to support all learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and special needs learners.

Ultimate Music Theory - Teaching musicians to see how simple the math of music theory really is, hear the association between the written language of music and the amazing sound it creates and feel empowered and moved by the emotions that the music evokes within them.

Ultimate Music Theory - The Way to Score Success!