Organization – Productivity Technique

Organization Productivity Techniques

Organization - Productivity Technique

Your Personal Rules to Organization

In Part 1, Pomodoro Technique - Productivity Technique, you learned how to manage one “Time Thief” with the help of a COP named Concentration.

Concentration and using the Pomodoro Technique can help you take control of your attention and time to grow your teaching business and your income.

In Part 2, you will learn how to identify your second “Time Thief”.  You will discover how, with a little help from a COP, you can avoid distractions that “steel” your time of productivity.

Let's explore how Organization - Productivity Technique Works to help you with your productivity.


The second COP is O - Organization - the action of organizing something with a single purpose.

Time ThiefSecond, identify the “Time Thief” that steels your time because of how you organize your schedule, both personal and professional.

What are your patterns of organization that disrupt your productive work environment and time?

Discover what process of organization is preventing you from accomplishing your task to achieving higher productivity in your day.

Write down one interruption that takes you in a different direction and keeps you from staying productive and organized with your time.

(Answering unexpected phone calls, looking for things in your office, kids wanting something, dog needing a walk, text, etc.)

My Time Thief is ___________________.  Discover Organization - Productivity Technique

What can you do to help you with your Organization - Productivity Technique?

Personal Rules – the purpose of personal rules is to organize your work space and time.  Advanced preparation of avoiding distractions such as “Hey, do you have a minute?” will lead to productivity.  If your time is dictated by others, it’s no wonder that you want to change the situation and get your stolen time back!

Action – Organize your day, stick to the plan.  (Yes, I know, easier said than done.) “Learning organization” is not a new idea.  Research by organization knowledge specialist, author Peter Drucker, proves that the philosophical and practical foundations of Effective Organization can maximize your productivity.

So-La Says:  Organize your to-do list.  Put a “Do Not Disturb – Productivity in Process” sign on your door.  Organize and complete one task without interruption.  Then CHECK it off on your to-do list when completed.

Ti-Do Tip:  When you cross off a task on your to-do list, your brain releases dopamine, (neurotransmitter responsible for generating feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction and happiness), so you feel great and productive in completing your task!

Here’s to your Delightful Dopamine for Productivity!

"Studies in neuroscience have indicated that dopamine, is our brain's reward chemical.” ~ Molly Owens

P.S.  In Part 3 of the Three Time Thieves That Prevent Productivity, you will learn how to identify your third “Time Thief”.  You can arrest the “I should do it”, with a little help from a COP, and release the “I Did It” productivity skills.

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