Pomodoro Technique – Productivity Technique

Pomodoro So-La and Ti-Do

The Pomodoro Technique - Productivity Technique is one of the 3 Productivity Techniques in this 3 Part Series.

We all want to avoid time thieves that prevent productivity in both our personal life and in our professional life.  So how do we take control of our attention and time to grow our teaching business and our income.

First, let’s define what Productivity means for you as a teacher – An Entrepreneur.

Productivity:  The effectiveness of productive effort in getting the results you want.

Entrepreneur:  A person (teacher), who organizes and operates a profitable business.

Entrepreneurial Productivity:  Successfully building a teaching business that grows, makes profit, and gives you increasing income.

Let's explore how the Pomodoro Technique - Productivity Technique Works to help you with your productivity. 

Pomodoro Technique - Productivity Technique #1


Pomodoro Technique - Productivity Technique To achieve productivity as an entrepreneur, we must first identify what we want to achieve AND identify the Three Time Thieves that may be preventing our productivity and ultimately leading us to achieving our goals.

How do you manage these Three Time Thieves?  You may need a COP.

This COP is designed to help you increase your productivity so you are not robbed of your potential to achieve success in building your business and to earn more profit.

In Part 1, you will learn how to manage your first “Time Thief”.  You will discover, with a little help from a COP, how you can develop powerful techniques to help you focus.

The first COP is C - Concentration - the action or power of focusing one's attention or mental effort on a single task.

Time ThiefFirst, identify the “Time Thief” that steels your attention and keeps getting you off-course in the first place.  What are the patterns of your own behavior and what are the triggers that “steel” your concentration in the first place?

Pomodoro Technique - Productivity Technique

See what is coming up that is leading you habitually and interrupts your high value, business-building work.

Write down your one most obvious distraction - “Squirrel, Rabbit Hole”, systematic interruption, that gets you caught up in a pattern that keeps you occupied with things that are not productive and produce no money-making value.  (Checking Facebook, Emails, etc.)

My Time Thief is _____________________________________________________

Time Blocks – help you focus your concentration.  The “Pomodoro Technique”, evented in the early 90s by entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo, was created to track time for productivity.

The “Pomodoro” (named after the tomato-shaped timer he used to track time as a university student), is a 25 minute block of concentrated focused time on a single task.

Action - Set your timer for 25 minutes to complete a single task.  This allows you to concentrate your efforts on a single task with clarity.  Yes, it works!  I use this technique all the time and I love it!

So-La Says:  See how many “Pomodoro’s” you can use today for massive productivity.

Ti-Do Tip:  A Pomodoro (25 min. block of concentrated time), should be completed as ONE unit of time and not be broken into smaller units or interrupted and then continued.  If your 25 min. Pomodoro is interrupted, reset your timer for 25 min. and start again.

Here’s to your Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique - Productivity Technique!

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”
~ Franz Kafka

P.S.  In Part 2 of the Three Time Thieves That Prevent Productivity, you will learn how to identify your second “Time Thief”.  You will discover how, with a little help from a COP, you can avoid distractions that “steel” your time of productivity.


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