Ultimate Music Theory Program

What's the most effective way to teach music theory?

The Ultimate Music Theory Program

Featuring the UMT Workbook and Matching UMT Flashcards App!

Our “All-in-One” UMT Program is Smart & Successful!
A proven Step-by-Step System to maximize learning for all Music Students!

Ultimate Music Theory Program - UMT APP

The Ultimate Music Theory Workbook & App Program is a powerful teaching tool that accelerates learning using the Ultimate Music Theory Workbook Series - a proven Step-by-Step System to maximize learning, along with the matching Ultimate Music Theory App.

The Ultimate Music Theory Program combines the Ultimate Music Theory Workbooks together with the unique brain-science platform of the Ultimate Music Theory Flashcards App (powered by Brainscape), to dramatically improve memorization and help students learn faster!

The UMT School Program provides you with a unique opportunity to include an exclusive music theory program to build musicianship skills into each practical lesson.

Why use the Ultimate Music Theory Program?  It's fun to learn, easy to understand and dramatically improves musicianship skills.

Ultimate Music Theory Teacher Pack

Ultimate Music Theory Workbooks Easy, Engaging & Exciting!

Music Theory Workbooks:

Prep 1, Prep 2, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Complete Music Theory Workbook

  • 12 Lessons - Exercises with tips for better memory!
  • 12 Comprehensive Review Tests - Plus Sight Reading!
  • Music Theory Guide & Music Theory Chart - Convenient reference!

Ultimate Music Theory Workbook and Matching App Program is The Way to Score Success!

Music Students and Parents - Here's how the Ultimate Music Theory Program works!


Ultimate Music Theory Flashcards App Most effective learning tool EVER!

6 Subjects: Beginner - Prep, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Ear Training and Music Trivia

  • Over 7000 expert-designed Flashcards! Includes all 6 Subjects!
  • All Subject Levels - Correlate to the matching Workbooks!
  • 12 Decks in each Subject - 12 Lessons in each Workbook!

Amazing Flashcards including AUDIO! The most effective music theory learning tool EVER!

Web/Mobile (Powered by Brainscape) - Use on any device!

Learn Faster - with the UMT Flashcards!

Ultimate Music Theory - Helping you learn with Brain Science!

Watch the video to see how this proven system helps you learn faster!

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