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The Power of Why 29 Musicians Climbed To Superstar Meet #1 Best Selling Authors in THE POWER OF WHY - International Best Seller

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Rejected, Canceled, Giving Up, and Personal Struggles - every day, musicians from around the world begin their journey of musical expression.

  • Discover WHY a musician shared a Grammy with John Legend and why an Australian on the brink of quitting impacted music teaching forever.


  • Discover WHY a musician’s works were published in 10 languages and why a singer became an award-winning dancer inspired by Michael Jackson.


  • Discover WHY a Metis Singer became a multi-award winner and why an Israeli concert pianist made history when performing in Egypt.

These 29 Global Authors are the 'players' that have overcome obstacles and Climbed to Superstar - one note at a time.

It’s time to discover your WHY and put your creativity to the test - Dream Big and transform your musical mind into a musical masterpiece.

Musicians/Authors include: Why 29 Musicians Climbed to Superstar: Randall Faber, Rami Bar-Niv, Matt Becks, Dorothy Chia, Louise Earhart, Cebo Carr, Joanne Barker, Paul Myatt and Gillian Erskine, Cate Friesen, Ray St. Germain Jr., Doreen Hall, Karen Hedges, Shumaila Hemani, David A. Jones, Dominique Levack, Rebecca Featherstone, Ivy Leung, William Montgomery, Christopher Norton, Richard Simonelli (JD Tucker), Bradley Sowash, Kimberley Dawn, Christopher Siu, Yin Yin Huang, Shirley Wang, Tim Topham, Yoshie Nakayama, Ray St. Germain Sr., and Glory St. Germain.


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