The Power Of Why 27 Musicians

Power of Why 27

The Power of Why Musicians - Why 27 Musicians Captured The Lead and Why You Should Too.

Meet #1 Best Selling Authors in THE POWER OF WHY - International Best Seller

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Conflict, Sickness, Judgement, and Personal Struggles - every day, musicians from around the world begin their journey of musical expression.

  • Discover WHY a Canadian Band sold over 10 million rock albums and why an Australian music video producer was impacted by a record store.


  • Discover WHY a musician in India was transformed by thunder rain and why a Parisian native award-winning concert pianist recorded Beethoven.


  • Discover WHY a Zimbabwe saxophonist struggled to get music and why a musician made history by being the first Israeli artist to perform in Egypt.

These 27 Global Authors are the 'players' that have overcome obstacles and Captured The Lead - one note at a time.

It’s time to discover your WHY and put your creativity to the test - Dream Big and transform your musical mind into a musical masterpiece.

Why 27 Musicians Captured The Lead: Joanne Barker, Suzanne Greer, Heather Revell, Pam Turner, Mike Reno, Benny Ng, Mark Pfannschmidt, Rachel Dunn, Janet Olsen, Thulane Akinjide-Obonyo, Sherry St. Germain, Rami Bar-Niv, Frances Balodis, Laurent Boukobza, Ray St. Germain, Swetha Salveps, Catherine St Germain, Shirley Wang, Edy Rapika Panjaitan, Julianne Warkentin, Alyse Korn, Bridget Mwape, M. Elizabeth Garland, Raymond Ross, Leanna Minnick, Caroline Joy Quinn, and Glory St. Germain.


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