The Power Of Why 25 Musicians

Power of Why 25 Musicians

The Power of Why Musicians - Why 25 Musicians Composed A Legacy and Why You Should Too.

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Loss, Improvisation, Depression, and Personal Struggles - every day, musicians from around the world begin their journey of musical expression.

  • Discover WHY a UK girl won the John Lennon Songwriting Award, and why an Israeli composer, impacted by the holocaust, became a concert pianist.


  • Discover WHY an Indonesian student composed an award-winning anthem, and why an American classical multi-instrumentalist composed a jazz legacy.


  • Discover WHY a Canadian Juno Winner was recognized for leadership and why a composer won the “Australian-made” award that led to music schools.

These 25 Global Authors are the 'players' that have overcome obstacles and Composed A Legacy - one note at a time.

It’s time to discover your WHY and put your creativity to the test - Dream Big and transform your musical mind into a musical masterpiece.

Why 25 Musicians Composed A Legacy: Adrienne McKinney, Dominique Levack, Frances Balodis, Bradley Sowash, Rami Bar-Niv, Kamara Hennessey, Pam Turner, Mark Matthews, Caroline Quinn, Linda Gould, Benny Ng, Elizabeth Garland, Connor Derraugh, Eric Carlson, John Burge, David A. Jones, Julianne Warkentin, Hillary Lester, Joanne Barker, Richard Simonelli, Gillian Erskine, Rick Sowash, Rebekah Maxner, Edy Rapika Panjaitan, and Glory St. Germain.


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