The Power Of Why 21 Musicians

The Power Of Why - 21 Musicians

The Power of Why Musicians - Why 21 Musicians Created a Program and Why You Should Too.

Meet #1 Best Selling Authors in THE POWER OF WHY - International Best Seller

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Imposter Syndrome, Dyslexia, Anxiety, and Personal Struggles - every day, musicians from around the world begin their journey of musical expression.

  • Discover WHY a little girl from Rwanda led to color-coded music and why a lonely orphan in Indonesia inspired a breath-taking piano performance.


  • Discover WHY a tear-filled young singer unleashed vocal power to perform at the Sydney Opera House and New York's famous Carnegie Hall, USA.


  • Discover WHY a cancer survivor became a program creator thriver and why a saxophone player from Zimbabwe unlocked his true power to play jazz.

These 21 Global Authors are the 'players' that have overcome obstacles and Created A Program - one note at a time.

It’s time to discover your WHY and put your creativity to the test - Dream Big and transform your musical mind into a musical masterpiece.

Why 21 Musicians Created A Program – author/contributors:

Shirley Wang, Shelagh McKibbon-U’Ren, Christopher Sutton, Benny Ng, Susan Niekamp, Frances Balodis, Rami Bar-Niv, Heather Revell, Joanne Barker, Noreen Wenjen, Thulane Akinjide-Obonyo, Sarah Lyngra, Christopher Siu, Paul Myatt, Rebecca Featherstone, Natalie Eastman, Michael Park, Gillian Erskine, Edy Panjaitan, M Ruth McCants, and Glory St. Germain.


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