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Teaching Music Theory - Private or Group Lessons - What's Best?

In Teaching Music Theory we can either teach private lessons or group lessons. Is one better than the other? Do students learn faster in private lessons? Do you make more money teaching in group lessons? What's the best way for teaching music theory?

Teaching Music Theory - 2 Ways to Score Success!

First, what are the elements of teaching music theory and why do we need it? Music Theory is the universal language of music that connects all musicians. Without learning music theory, composers and musicians would not be able to communicate effectively to interpret and understand the elements of music. Ultimate Music Theory Lesson Plans were created for you to use with your private or group lessons.

teaching music theory - private lessonTop 5 reasons for Teaching Music Theory - Private Lessons.
Who, Why, When, Where and What's Best?

To get the most out of any lesson, you must take the time to analyze the ideas and benefits of the private lesson. For some students it may be a scheduling issue, for some students it may be that theory is simply added into their piano lesson and it's more convenient to "just take a few minutes for theory".  Either way, students need to act on what they have learned, embrace it and apply it. This deliberate effort is a significant part of the way to score success!

Top 5 Reasons for Teaching Music Theory in Private Lessons

  1. Who -  A private student in one on one lessons will give you the flexibility to teach each student at their own individual learning pace and in their own learning style.
  2. Why - A private lesson may be easy for you to reschedule if necessary since it is just one student.
  3. When - Teaching music theory in 15 minutes may be convenient to simply add into a private piano lesson with specific theory concepts applied into their pieces.
  4. Where - Your music studio space may limit the number of students that you may comfortably teach at one time.
  5. What's Best - Teaching private lessons enables you to design your lesson plans specifically to each individual student. Accelerated learners may also work ahead and complete even more pages than assigned.

teaching music theory - group lessonTop 5 reasons for Teaching Music Theory - Group Lessons.
Who, Why, When, Where and What's Best?

Some students are motivated by group classes and love the challenge of working in a group environment. Group lessons are usually 60 minutes and therefore give you more time for working through the questions as well as giving students time to complete part of their homework during the lesson.

Teaching Music Theory and Speed of Implementation.

When we implement what we have learned immediately, taking action dramatically increases retention. Providing time during the lesson to implement what they have learned allows students to reinforce and recall incredible amounts of knowledge with amazing accuracy!

Top 5 Reasons for Teaching Music Theory in Group Lessons

  1. Who - Students in group lessons develop a camaraderie in the dynamics of the class setting.
  2. Why - There is the challenge of being motivated by other students in the class.
  3. When - Teaching a 1 hour group lesson enables you to have more time for ear training, sight reading and games.
  4. Where - Group lessons can be given around your kitchen table, office desk, classroom or even sitting on the floor.
  5. What's Best - Teaching group lessons is a fun way to make more money, all while saving the students money too.

Teaching Music Theory in private or group lessons with the UMT "done for you" lesson plans shows you the Way to Score Success! Learn more about how to build your teaching studio and increase your income teaching UMT Club Classes with the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course.

P.S. I teach both private and group classes. What are your reasons for teaching private or group?  What works best for you and why? Please share your comments below.

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