Roy Tan Master Pianist Music Career

How does Music Theory help you in your music career?  

Watch Glory St. Germain and Special Guest Roy Tan in the Ultimate Music Interview. 

Roy shares his story of success from learning music theory and piano to becoming a master at creating arrangements, performing around the world and improvising with creativity. 

Roy Tan - UMT Interview

Roy Tan Master Pianist - How does Music Theory help you in your music career?

Performer, and arranger/composer Roy Tan Master Pianist is known for his rich orchestral-like textures, soulful melodies and imaginative improvisations on the piano. 

Throughout his career Roy has performed with a number of vocal groups such as “The Canadian Tenors” and “Destino” and later went on to found the instrumental Duo “Roy & Rosemary” with renowned violinist and fellow musician Rosemary Siemens.

He is sought after both as a performer and an arranger for his lush, sweeping and cinematic sound.


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