RCM Theory Syllabus Overview

Ultimate Music Theory ROCKS

RCM THEORY SYLLABUS OVERVIEW with Glory St. Germain and Shelagh McKibbon-U'Ren.

Everything you need to successfully teach all the requirements in the Royal Conservatory of Music Theory Syllabus. This Teacher Training includes 10 Video Sessions covering the RCM Theory Syllabus Overview from Preparatory, LEVEL 1 through to LEVEL 8.

The RCM Theory Syllabus Overview FREE Online Teacher Training Course.
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What's Inside the Course - Teach the UMT Supplemental Series includes 10 Sessions:

  • FORM & ANALYSIS - Plus Sight Reading NEW Ultimate Piano Pieces
  • MELODY WRITING - Imagine, Create and Explore Music Composition
  • MUSIC HISTORY - Composers and Eras, Musical Styles & More
  • ALL 10  LEVELS - PREP LEVEL, LEVELS 1 - 8, Plus the All-in-One COMPLETE LEVEL

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