Rami Bar-Niv Rhapsody Piano Camp

ADULT Piano Music Camp?

Ever wondered what it would be like to take a week off just to
practice, learn and perform with like minded music lovers?

Rami Bar-Niv - UMT Interview

Rami Bar-Niv Rhapsody Piano Camp for Adults

Rami Bar-Niv, international world-class concert pianist, created this unique opportunity in his exclusive Rhapsody Piano Camp for Adults (from beginners to professional performers to teachers).

You are about to get a back stage pass to meet Rami’s Rhapsody Piano Campers and hear their experiences as we join them LIVE at Piano Camp! YES... we are going to camp!

Pack your music bag and get ready for Rhapsody Piano Camp!

Learn more: Rami Bar-Niv Rhapsody Piano Camp for Adults


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