Preparatory Rudiments Exam – Kid’s Perspective

Preparatory Rudiments Composing

Preparatory Rudiments Exam - 10 Year Old Kid's Perspective

The Preparatory Rudiments Exam is the first written theory exam for many students. Is it scary to do a Preparatory Exam if you don't know what to expect? I interviewed a 10 year old kid to get his perspective. He shared his 3 Tips for other kids, that are writing their Preparatory Rudiments Exam.

preparatory rudiments exam studentSome people might be scared, but I’m not!” states 10 year old Braeden Gallacher. “Using the Preparatory Theory Practice Exams helps me to see what is going to be on the exam. Now I know what to do and what not to do.”

Braeden is registered for the Royal Conservatory of Music Preparatory Rudiments Theory Exam.  Yes, his first Theory Examination in May, as well as his Grade 1 Practical Examination in June.

“When I make silly mistakes, I’m happy that it is on a Practice Exam and not on the real exam. If I had to do the real exam without having done the Practice Theory Exams, I would be scared because I wouldn’t have any idea what the exam would be like.”

Preparatory Rudiments Exam - Tips from a Kid's Perspective

Preparatory Rudiments Exam - Tip #1 - "Read the Tip".

Preparatory Rudiments Exam - Tip #2 - "Draw the Keyboard".

Preparatory Rudiments Exam - Tip #3 - "Draw the Circle of Fifths".

These tips will help you successfully complete the Preparatory Rudiments Exam.

Did you know that the Ultimate Music Theory Exam Series is the only series that has Preparatory Rudiments Practice Exams with matching answer books?

PREPARATORY RUDIMENTS EXAM - Practice Exam Scores Success

“I have already completed the practice exam Set #1 book. My score was 94%, 94%, 95% and 96% on the four exams. By doing the practice exams, I know that I don’t always read the instructions carefully.

My mistakes were all silly ones, like putting a flat on the wrong line. My teacher marks my exams using her Answer Book.

She said it's a special book just for teachers, and I'll get to use it when I'm a teacher. I practice my technique while she marks my exams. I don’t know how she still hears when I make fingering mistakes even though she is not looking at me. She's amazing!

preparatory rudiments composingMy teacher is Madame Shelagh.

I am really glad that I did the Prep 1 and Prep 2 Theory Workbooks because I like to make up my own music.

I can now write out my own compositions correctly because I understand rhythm, Key Signatures, and all my scales.

When I take my exam, I will remember to write carefully and neatly and to review my exam afterwards.

I want to be in the 100% Club. I will be really frustrated if I get 99%.” - Braeden Gallacher student (and composer)

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