Perform on Sir Elton John’s Red Piano

Performing on Sir Elton John's Red Piano would be awesome!

Why are Performance opportunities and music by living composers
(such as Elton John), the best way to connect with your students?

Elena Cobb Publicity Photo

What's the secret behind Sir Elton John's red piano?

Watch Glory St. Germain and Special Guest Elena Cobb as she reveals the magic in performance opportunities with music from living composers.

In recent years the Russian-born pianist, teacher, composer, entrepreneur and educator extraordinaire Elena Cobb has made a huge international impact on young pianists.

Her name and her extraordinary festival at London’s Royal Albert Hall have attracted considerable attention – and with good reason!

Cobb is in the business of allowing young pianists the confidence and energy to fly, to express their enthusiasm and desire to communicate PLUS an opportunity to perform on Sir Elton John's Red Piano!

Watch the video to the end and get all the details!

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