Olympics Challenge – Have You Qualified Yet?

No Dotted Rests - Medium plus weak equals 1 rest

Olympics Challenge - Win Gold, Silver or Bronze

The Olympics challenge athletes to bring out the best in their abilities.  They train hard to qualify, working not only on their physical abilities but also mentally and spiritually on their focus and their DESIRE to be the best. Win the GOLD.  As Olympic Musicians, to succeed at the Olympics Challenge in order to achieve our goals, we also need the second of the three powerful words - DISCIPLINE.


Discipline requires dedication. Outline your daily routine of practicing.  Like all athletes, improvement comes from DAILY dedicated focused practice.

  • Warm-up Exercises: All athletes know the importance of the “warm-up”.  Warming up with technical exercises builds strength, flexibility, accuracy and speed.  Learn how to structure effective warm-ups and even more importantly, not waste time.
  • Training: Strength training and conditioning.  Muscle memory is developed through focused accurate repetition. Set individual programs designed to target weaknesses, enhance strengths and avoid injury tendencies.  Drill the technically difficult sections of pieces.  The muscles being worked are related to your performance.
  • Repetition: An athlete does not just practice his routine once, or skate across the ice once, and say "I know it - I don't need to repeat it".  No, an athlete repeats over and over.  For a musician, it means repeating a piece or section of a piece until you absolutely, positively know it (Visual Memory, Auditory Memory and Kinesthetic Memory).  For a theory student, it means repeating a concept until you absolutely, positively know it (and that means completing ALL exercises on ALL pages... ALWAYS).

Please add your goal for the Olympics Challenge at the bottom of the blog...

How do you compete in the Olympics Challenge? You set a goal for your personal best and "challenge yourself" to not only reach your goal but EXCEED your goal.  Download the "Olympics Challenge - Music Theory App" Medal Chart.

Training Camp is in full swing.  First day of the Olympics Challenge Event is Saturday February 8.


Olympics Challenge - Music App Basic RudimentsHere's how it works.  To participate in the "Olympics Challenge - Music Theory App" - Every day of the Olympics, the goal will be to play the UMT Basic Flashcard App on the Computer, iPhone or iPad and record:

  • The number of minutes played.
  • The number of Flashcards identified correctly in that time limit.

Take the "Olympics Challenge - Music Theory App"  - Get the Music Theory App and START TRAINING.

To be continued with the third word for the Olympic Music Athlete tomorrow....

Get your Music Theory App Buy Music Theory App Now and let the Olympic Music Games begin!

P.S. Join the conversation - Enter your Olympics Challenge Goals in the comments below. US vs Canada anyone?

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