Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP – Optimize Your Learning State

Neuro Linguistic Programming

How can you create the optimum learning state for your students?

We’re about to reveal NLP Secrets – what’s NLP and why do we need to learn about it?


Glory St. Germain from Ultimate Music Theory, an NLP Practitioner, and Special Guest Judy Bartkowiak, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and EFT Trainer and Life Coach, discuss NLP and how to optimize your learning state through Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques.

Judy is also the Author of numerous NLP Books including the Neuro Linguistic Programming for Teachers. Judy answers these questions and more:

Q1. How important is your own state as an educator and how can you optimize this before beginning to teach a lesson?

Q2. What a limiting belief is and how you can overcome these for yourself and your student?

Q3. How important are the words we use in teaching? There are some ‘toxic words’ what are these and what should we use instead?

Q4. When we are in our optimum learning state, is there a way we can ‘anchor’ an optimum learning state? How do we do this?

Q5. As teachers, we often set goals for ourselves both personally and professionally. We also help our students set goals for what we plan to accomplish in our music lessons together. What if our student’s goal is not the same as their parent’s? How can we work with this?

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