I Don’t Like Music Theory – Until Now…

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I Don't Like Music Theory - Was a sentence I said often, Until Now...

Guest Blogger – Lisa Darlene Ammirati is the Owner of Skyline Music Studio.

Lisa Darlene Ammirati B. Mus, B. Ed, R.M.T (piano), Gr. 10 RCM diploma (piano), UMTC (theory).

Skyline Music Studio in Calgary is dedicated to providing an artistic and highly educational music environment with a staff of motivating, nurturing and professionally trained musicians/educators.

Whether it's about learning to play an instrument, studying music theory, becoming a well rounded musician, playing for personal enjoyment or exam prep, Skyline Music Studio offers customized programs for all.

I Don't Like Music Theory - Until Now - Lisa Ammirati

"I Don't Like Music Theory" - This is a sentence I used to say every second day when I "had" to learn theory back in the old days. Theory to me was like learning math... and I didn't get either one of them. Yes I failed Basic Rudiments and I barely passed all the other courses.

Who was to blame? The teacher? The old books that made no sense? Me? LIFE IN GENERAL?

Maybe... but I know that down the road, when someone like me struggles in life, something amazing will pop up.

Lisa Ammirati and Glory St. Germain - Ultimate Music Theory Certification CourseIt wasn't until about 3-4 years ago that  "I Don't Like Music Theory" changed to I LOVE Music Theory when I discovered the Glory St Germain Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course.

It has changed my life personally and my students musical thought process.

Glory St Germain has put a lot of thought in to her Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course and has made the most amazing, complete and cohesive music theory course that one could ever ask for.

By giving theory another try via the UMTC course, my eyes have been opened to a user friendly version of theory!

Now I adore theory and by extension, my students love it. There is not a week that doesn't go by when at least 5 students ask “can we do theory?” I believe that UMTC has made theory “cool” again – with a brilliant format, structure and layout – teachers can rediscover their desire to learn again. Theory is now FUN to learn and to teach!

Music Theory Teaching Tips

The Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course is loaded with Teaching Tips. Watch highlights from Calgary!

The UMTC Course teaching materials, lesson plans and workbooks make it fun and easy!  I love how each book is lined up with specified Units and Review Tests to follow. Each new unit details each new concept with lots of examples, writing and tips. What I love the most is that every Review Test covers past units and has one section on the new unit. This way you are always practicing the new material but still reviewing the "old" concepts learned... for the ENTIRE book!

Even better, at the end of the course, you can track all your marks and find out your average before even walking in to the exam! Helpful flashcards are included in each book and if you are really feeling keen, Glory has practice exam books (and answer books) for every level as well.

  • Since my students have all started this course, I have seen a dramatic change in their attitude towards "Let's do Ultimate Music Theory".
  • They love to sit at the desk and work on the books, no matter what level.
  • I have seen adults take home the theory books and teach themselves every unit, even parents who have never taken theory classes in their life are able to teach their kids the course without any issues.
  • This is how amazing theory has become to me... and the marks of the students who really try, listen and learn are VERY high on the final exams.

Glory has said time and time again that if you are following her concepts closely, your students will always get 90% and above.. this is 100% true! For teachers, Glory is always offering certification courses via online or at live events, and weekly she sends outs blogs (with thanks and help of her amazing writing partner Shelagh McKibbon-U'Ren) and videos to help with professional development.

Thanks to this course, I am now absolutely 100% "in love" with music theory... what I used to hate most "Music Theory" has now become the coolest thing in my musical life. I love teaching it and my students love learning it. As a result, their sight reading skills have improved 10 fold and the fun and excitement of theory has FINALLY come back to their lives (and mine).

Speaking as a teacher of 18 years who had formal training in the Education program at U of C, I can vouch that this really is the most comprehensive and educational theory program on the planet!

Check out the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course and you will never say "I don't like Music Theory" again... Guaranteed! Lisa Darlene Ammirati - Owner Skyline Music Studio

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