Music Theory Melody Writing Parallel Period & Compound Time – Basic & Level 5

Music Theory Chord Tonality - UMT Basic & Level 5 Supplemental Workbooks

Learn Music Theory Melody Writing from transposing in the Basic Rudiments Workbook, to composing a 4 measure phrase to composing a parallel period in a Major Key in the LEVEL 5 Supplemental Workbook.

PLUS Compound Time Signatures.

In Part 1 of 5, you will learn - the basic beat and compound basic beat and pulse of Compound Time Signatures inside the LEVEL 5 Workbook.

The Ultimate Music Theory Basic Rudiments Workbook and Level 5 Supplemental Workbook help students learn the process and simple step by step method for learning music theory.

Plus Music History & FREE Resources.

BONUS Learn Music Theory Faster with the

In Part 2 of 5, you will learn - How to add rests in Simple Time, plus learn Compound Time in LEVEL 5 and how to add rests, including dotted rests to complete a compound group and a compound measure.

Plus, how to identify root/quality chord symbols and inversions using the [square brackets] method.

The functional chord symbols and the techniques to easily identify chords and figured bass including the position of the triad.

In Part 3 of 5, you will learn - How to write a melody with a two-measure question phrase followed by a two-measure answer phrase.

Learn melody writing in a parallel period with a four-measure phrase - Antecedent Asks the questions Consequent Concludes the answer.

In Part 4 of 5, you will learn - Music Theory History from Performing Forces to the Relationship between Music & Text, Genre, Composers.

Learn how to listen for performing forces and how to identify tone color.

PLUS Free Resources for Music History Listening Activities - checkout which one you like best - including the birds!

In Part 5 of 5, you will learn - Learn Music Knowledge to develop Musicianship Skills and Teach Music Theory Easily with the done-for-you success system to grow your music teaching studio.

Learn how to become an Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teacher.

PLUS how "Attitude is Everything!" when preparing students for music theory exams.


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