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Music Theory Course Success Story

Are you looking for the best Music Theory Course that will get you First Class Honors with Distinction and a Music Theory Course Success Story?

So was Joe Andryo!

Joe is a guitarist, keyboardist, singer and songwriter.

He was looking for an easy step-by-step system that guarantees a Music Theory Course Success! And he found it in the Complete Music Theory Online Course!

Joe was ready and excited to take that first step into learning music theory.

That first step however, was in fact a step down the path of learning that he had been on many times before.

Only this time, the results were First Class Honors with Distinction!

A Music Theory Course Success Story by Joe Andryo

In the mid-1990s, I studied an Elementary Rudiments workbook. Albeit not for the beginner, it was a great book and was always the gold standard in learning musical rudiments. I have reviewed this book a few times since to refresh my memory, even re-writing it on at least one occasion.

OneComplete Rudiments Lesson Plans day while I was at my local sheet music dealer, I asked the owner if he had any good new books in and he showed me the UMT series. I perused them and was genuinely impressed at how comprehensive, well-written and easy to understand they were.

I immediately purchased a Basic Book for a student and the Complete Music Theory Book for myself (with matching answer books).

For some reason, my book was sort of put away and forgotten about for a while.

Then I attended a pedagogy workshop put on by the series’ author, Glory St. Germain, and it sparked a renewed interest in studying theory again.

Complete Music Theory Course Success Online - Joe Andryo and Glory St. GermainI took the Online Complete Music Theory Course and, after 20 years, I have never had so much fun learning (and re-learning) theory.

True, much of it was review, but in brushing up I learned some new concepts and even re-learned concepts I didn’t even realize I had forgotten over the years.

In taking UMT’s Complete Music Theory Course, I have gained an entirely new perspective on theory and even its teaching.

Without question, I would recommend this course to any musician looking to refresh and even advance their knowledge and understanding of theory and rudiments.

This Complete Music Theory Course is, in my opinion, the "New Gold Standard" in music theory instruction.
~ Joe Andryo UMTC

Thanks Joe, and Congratulations on your Music Theory Course Success!

P.S. We'd love to hear your Music Theory Course Success Story and feature you here too!

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