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Italian Terms made Fun thanks to Kamara Hennessey!

Have Fun Learning the Music Italian Terms!

Did you know that you and your students can actually have FUN learning the Music Italian Terms? Who knew, right? One of the many activities that teachers learn while completing the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course is called "My Italian Adventure".

UMTC Teachers are challenged to write a story using as many Music Italian Terms as possible.

UMTC "Student" Teacher Kamara Hennessy went above and beyond my wildest imagination and I would like to share her Music Italian Terms Adventure with you now:

Music Italian Terms Story - My Adventure in Italy; Romance on the Grand Canal (?)

By Kamara Hennessey, AEFC (RCM), B.Mus. R.M.T. and soon to be UMTC

After exploring and having a fermata at the Leaning Tower of Pisa... it's off to my final destination. It is Thursday; my third and last day in Venice. Ah Venice, the city built on water! One cannot leave without cruising the smaller and grandioso canal moderato in a Gondola while taking in the sights and sounds in and across the water ways. So, off I go, vivace e accelerando, to not miss the next boat that is rallentando as it approaches it's anchor spot.

As the boat gets closer, I notice there are no tourists aboard ready to disembark... In a couple hours, dusk will begin to envelope the city. So, I am speculating; is this the last Gondola run for the day? Is my luck at a fine?

When the Gondola comes to a final legato stop, a sotto voce "wow" escapes my lips: He is the most tall, dark, handsome and robusto Italian Bloke to cross my tracks.

I muse, this "Gladiator" apparition could instantly tame a maestoso lion into a quivering pussy cat in the arena; Russel Crow, you're no match!

I approach "Gladiator" Gondolier with animato and inquire as to whether he is still cruising the canals since there are only a few hours of daylight left. In a bass voice, GG introduces himself as Luigi Alberto. Before I could register a surprised protest, ad libitum and with a largamente grin that reveals glistening Crest whitened evenly aligned teeth, Luigi hoists and deposits me con grazio (and in a dolce manner) onto a red velvet covered seat in his Gondola.

As LA unties the rope with his mano destra and paddles his way off the mooring lento with his mano sinistra, I continue to take further notice of his boat's interior. The furnished decor is decadently draped in gilded red and black brocade fabric to compliment the red plush velvet cushions. "The Love Boat" me thinks; hmmm... where is the champagne?

Feeling Vivace and Learning More Music Italian Terms

We are now approximately five miles or more away from Venice's interior landscape. There is no rush hour traffic at this time of the morendo daylight, so the water is relatively tranquilo through the narrow canal tributaries. I take in the passing scenery that changes to interesting hues of colour, as the shadows and light bounce scherzando off the walls of buildings in the setting sun.

In spite of my occasional commentary outbursts, Luigi maintains a quiet and retiring disposition as he focuses on his every paddle stroke while in a standing position, legs wide apart. It's a balancing act for him; he must avoid any potential collision with another Gondola coming his way, or hitting the side of his boat on the canal wall. Should that happen, that will surely jolt me from my reverie, most likely throwing me into an agitato mood!

As Luidi and his Gondola glide through one of the narrow canal waterways, I observe the point at which it is beginning to appear wider and the water's surface has piu mosso. I realize that we are heading out into the Grand Canal. In comparison with the previous canal settings, this one is grandioso indeed!

I look far beyond to where the Canal Grande waters open out to flow into the vast sea. Is that a full moon beginning to rise in the distant horizon I spy with my big brown eyes? Unexpectedly, and to my great surprise, Luigi bursts out in song.

Singing Music Italian Terms - Cantabile!

With a mellifluous and seductive voice like Dino Martino's, con expressione and passionate, I am serenaded with "When the Moon Hits the Sky Like a Big Pizza Pie, That's Amore!". In that moment in time, what more could this girl ask for, eh?!

A Little About our Author!

Italian Terms made Fun thanks to Kamara Hennessey!So, how many Music Italian Terms can you identify in Kamara's "Romance on the Grand Canal"! Did you know them all? (Can you count them all?)

Kamara Hennessey emigrated to Canada from Trinidad, W.I. and settled as a resident of Burlington, Ontario 38 years ago. In 2003, Kamara graduated with a B.Mus. (Hons) from McMaster University School of the Arts. She has been teaching piano, rudiments and theory out of her home studio for over 30 years.

Kamara is a member of ORMTA and is currently the Past President of the Hamilton-Halton Branch.

In 2004, Kamara decided to pursue private Saxophone lessons. In 2008, she joined the Burlington Concert Band. This past June, Kamara was elected as the new President for the 2016-2017 term.

Kamara likes to explore activities that allow her to tap into her imagination and creativity. And she certainly did that with her Music Italian Terms story! Kamara is married and enjoys spending time with her children and her grandchildren.

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  • Kamara says:

    Thank you Glory and Shelagh for posting my “Adventure and Romance…” story on your Blog page. I certainly had a lot of fun getting my imagination to actively take off on this journey of writing it as is!

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