3 Things My Mother Taught Me

my mother taught me 3 things - Rosabel and Glory St. Germain

3 Things My Mother Taught Me - Life Lessons for Successful Teaching

My mother taught me many things, but there are 3 important life lessons that my mother taught me for successful teaching that I want to share with you.

My mother and I on Mother's Day in 1973. A mere 30 plus years ago. Somehow my heart told me to share this with you.

Many Blessings to you and your family.

Before I share the 3 things my mother taught me, I’d like to tell you a little bit about her. My mother Rosabel was an amazing woman, I am truly missing her.

Rosabel was  passionate about music. She was not a professional teacher, singer or concert performer, however, she was passionate about music and education.

Rosabel sang in the church choir (that’s where she met my dad, plus she loved his blue eyes... *sigh*), she played the violin and later in life she took up the accordion.

3 Things My Mother Taught Me

The first thing my mother taught me was the "Love of Learning and Sharing Music."

She was encouraging as I began my piano and theory studies, proud of my accomplishments at festivals and exams. She was insistent that I complete my studies with formal training and professional teachers.

The second thing my mother taught me was “Yes I can be an Inspiring Teacher”.

I was encouraged to begin teaching at the age of 16 while continuing my studies and finally attaining my ARCT. My mother taught me about the importance of Never Ending Professional Development. NEPD she called it. She had more degrees, certification courses, professional development certificates than I could ever dream of having.

She NEVER stopped learning. In fact she was still taking accordion lessons at the age of 77 and performing with her "Pembina Players", a small group of "senior" musicians that she organized into an "orchestra". They performed regularly and sometimes even had 2 gigs in one day... lol.

The third and most important thing my mother Rosabel taught me was to "Always Have a Dream."

Mother Taught Me - Glory St. Germain and mom RosabelSeveral years ago, my mother began loosing her battle to breast cancer, but she continued to share her dream and encouraged me to share mine.  Much of my early writings in the Ultimate Music Theory Series were written while she sat beside me reading a book, just being in the same room with me while I wrote, so I wouldn’t feel alone.  Then later as I sat with her in the hospital, she encouraged me to keep writing, asking what I had accomplished that day and how I thought my workbooks would help teachers and encourage their students to study music.

She said, "Glory, Always Have a Dream."

Rosabel's many accomplishments were not just in music, she was also a business owner of several dress shops and retail outlets, an entrepreneur, a fabulous grandmother, mother and very dear friend.  In her passing, I came across a poem on a small piece of paper that she had kept on the wall in her apartment.  I treasure that poem and I carry it with me in my wallet to this day.  I want to share it with you.

Always have a Dream
Forget about the days when it’s been cloudy,
But don’t forget your hours in the SUN…
Forget about the times you’ve been defeated,
but don’t forget the VICTORIES you’ve won…

Forget about mistakes that you can’t change now,
but don’t forget the lessons that you’ve LEARNED…
Forget about misfortunes you’ve encountered,
but don’t forget the times your LUCK has turned…

Forget about the days when you have been lonely,
but don’t forget the friendly SMILES you’ve seen…
Forget about the plans that didn’t seem to work out right,
but don’t forget to ALWAYS HAVE A DREAM…

Author -Larry S. Chengges

Glory St. Germain ARCT with mom My mom Rosabel presenting me with a musical Grand Piano in Celebration of attaining my ARCT RMT.

Always Have a Dream.

I want to share my dream of helping you continue with NEPD (Never Ending Professional Development) through the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course.

The Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course is designed for YOU, so you too can Always Have a Dream and continue your Never Ending Professional Development.

Learn More about the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course. Contact Us if you have any questions.  We are here for you.  We are learning together.

P.S.  I know my mom would be very proud of me today.  And I am very proud of you.  I am blessed to call you my friend.  Please share what your mother, father or mentor has taught you.

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Glory St. Germain


10 thoughts on “3 Things My Mother Taught Me”

  • Judy says:

    Glory, thank you SO MUCH for sharing those memories and the poem – I loved reading about your wonderful mom and seeing the pictures of the two of you. My mom taught art, but her mother taught violin and piano, a fact that was not clear to me until I was in my early 50s! Grandmother Ripple had died before I turned 3, but I distinctly remember turning the handle on her old Victrola and hearing the wonderful music on her recordings. I’m guessing she held me on her lap and let me play her piano, just as I did with my daughter. Heather became an excellent pianist and clarinetist – and now she is a commercial artist, which is what my mother had hoped to become!
    I don’t know what my great-grandmother did, but I suspect she might have painted, because G. Ripple’s sister, Nellie, took up painting at some point in her life. I have her beautiful handiwork on display in my dining room – a creamer and sugar set. Nellie also had a small grand piano, which I would sit at and listen its awful, tinny, way-out-of-tune notes. When Nellie died in her 90s, my mother asked if I wanted her piano. Sadly, I said no. It was only fit for display in a music-store window, possibly painted bright pink or blue…..
    I teach in my home, and have several pianos now. I love teaching and will probably continue in my (really) old age!
    Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us other teachers!
    Judy Dalton
    White Plains, MD

    • You truly have been blessed by your Grandmother Ripple, little did you know how she influenced your life as you were just a baby. That is so wonderful that you have the treasured handiwork and creamer and sugar set. I have my mom’s tea set too. Some how it just tastes better in Grandma’s fine china… lol.

  • Wendy says:

    That is the most beautiful story I have Ever read! Went through a few Kleenex’ also.
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Glory!

  • Katherine says:

    My Grandmother was a great influence for music! I still have her piano!
    A childhood girl-friend was taking piano lessons, I sat next to her while she practiced!
    Next morning, I was standing at the bathroom door at 7:30 a.m. and began my project
    to convince my dad that I wanted to take piano! After several continuous days (4 or 5),
    he looked at me, chin tilted eyes downward directly at me and asked if I would practice,
    My reply “Yes”! This began a wonderful career, one was accompanying at age 9 with my
    right hand playing the melody, my left hand holding onto the bottom edge of the pump
    organ while my feet pumped for all they could! Choice memories!!

    • Shelagh McKibbon-U'Ren says:

      Oh my goodness! This makes me cry! What an amazing and inspirational story. Thank you so very much for sharing this! Thank goodness your dad believed in you! I bet that this has inspired you to be the amazing teacher that you are.

  • grace says:

    Thank you Glory for sharing the poem your mother held dear. My mother worked hard to pay for my music lessons. (30 cents a lesson)! we didn’t have a piano for the first six months I took lessons. Our next door neighbour had a piano and allowed me to practise for 30 min. each day. My dad was a watch maker and repaired clocks for the furniture store (we lived above the store). One day a piano came into the store, and my dad did a trade, paying with his time to repair clocks in lieu of getting me my own piano. They believed in me and I’ll be
    Eternally grateful for the sacrifice. The rest is history. I love music and teaching and this is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life, God willing.

  • Alva says:

    Thank you for sharing, your mom was very special, I’m thankful for the ripple effect of her encouraging you. She was special in another way too, Rosabel was my grandma’s name and my second name, Rose, is in her honor. You asked me to share, here goes. My mother, Myrtle, always wanted a piano. She had taken a few lessons and practiced on a pump organ someone else owned, her folks were too poor to buy a piano and did not think it important. When I was five we left Alberta and moved to a very isolated valley in BC. There were some roan shorthorn cattle for sale at a farm action and since Mom liked roans, Dad went to buy them. Well, guess what else was at the action? A piano. Dad bought it for Mom and since he only had a car, arranged for a friend to haul it home in his truck. Mom, my sister and I were anxiously awaiting Dad’s arrival home, and the cows. At last we saw car lights coming up the road. Did you get them? my mom asked as he stepped out of the car. Dad smiled and said “There’s a truck coming”. Soon a pickup rolled into the yard, a canvas wrapped parcel in the back. Mom looked questioningly at Dad and said “That’s not cows”. He jumped up and pulled the canvas off. Mom’s mouth fell open as she beheld the piano. “I don’t understand, where are the cows?” “Well, while we were loading the piano they sold the cows,” said Dad. Mom didn’t know if she should be cross over the loss of the cows or hug him for the piano, she felt his love for her so she hugged and hugged him. She sent to the States and got a U.S. School of Music Correspondence Course and put Joy and I to learning to play the piano. We did not finish the course but how grateful I am for the 11 lessons I studied and for my parents’ love and encouragement. That old piano was the center of our lives, with many nights gathered around it singing. Mom never got much beyond one hand but she sure loved to hear us play, her eyes would sparkle and she would ask for more. I miss her so very much!
    Besides teaching me to love and appreciate music she taught me to walk closely with the Lord, the best friend anyone could ever have.
    Mothers do not realize just how much we influence our children’s lives just with our unconditional love and encouragement. What an awesome gift God has given to us by making us mothers!
    Thank you Glory for your encouragement! Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Thank you Alva for sharing YOUR wonderful story and memories. You put a tear in my eye, thinking of the love in your family and how you now share your blessings and joy of music.

    • Dear Alva Rose, you put tears of joy in my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing. YES Music holds a family together in more ways than we could ever imagine. God Bless you and your family.

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