Mind Body Space Well-being

What Does Mind, Body And Space Mean To You?

How are you feeling about your wellness?

Wellness is often defined as a state of being comfortable, happy or healthy.

What is ONE way to develop a high level of well-being?

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Glory St. Germain


2 thoughts on “Mind Body Space Well-being”

  • Judith Gail Norris says:

    Hey Glory,

    Your concepts of mind, body, and space have much in common with an article I’ve been thinking about “Mindfulness, Relating to Multiple Sclerosis” That won’t be the title, just the jumping off point. Much research, thinking, and reading yet to do before starting to outline, then write. Your brief talk made me think you might have an insightful quote to add. Being a music and piano teacher, playing piano have all been beneficial to my well-being/longevity with MS. Now in my sixty-second year having MS, I feel really well and think my involvement with music/piano playing have much to do with that. Keep on keeping on, dear Glory. Your talks are inspiring. Love your bright smile and cheery disposition! Thank you.

    • Glory St. Germain says:

      Awe My Sweet Judith, you bring a tear to my eye. We are so Blessed to have music in our life that sees us through so many situations, feeling, happy/sad times in our life. Our Mind, Body and Space have such a powerful affect on the outcomes we choose. May you find your well-being bringing you joy and celebrating the wonderful life we have. Many Blessings, Glory

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