Mike Reno Loverboy Band Building a Successful Brand

Mike Reno Loverboy Band  - From beginning the Loverboy Band to Building an International Successful Brand

Mike Reno - Ultimate Music Interview

If you are a singer or musician with a desire for a successful career… one BIG question you may have is…

How Do I Build an Award-Winning Brand, with music that stands the test of time?

Mike Reno Loverboy Band- is the Lead Singer from the FAMOUS Rock Band Loverboy – who has Built An Award Winning Brand With Music That Stands The Test Of Time and sold MILLIONS of records including ”Turn Me Loose”

Since 1980 Loverboy has had massive success in writing, recording, touring and selling millions of records including:

”Workin’ for the Weekend From the Album “Get Lucky”, Lovin’ Every Minute Of It,  Heaven in Your Eyes, Chasing the Angels, Almost Paradise, and so many more.

Watch this up close and personal Ultimate Music interview with Mike Reno Loverboy Band & Glory St. Germain.

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