Success Story – Perfect Level 6 Theory Exam

Ultimate Music Theory Perfect Level 6 Theory Exam

Is it possible to earn 100% on the Level 6 Theory Exam? Yes it is! In this Blog, we are going to celebrate the Success Story of Ultimate Music Theory Student Claire Sechi in earning a Perfect 100% on her RCM Level 6 Theory Exam.

The year is 2020.  Before March 2020, Claire completed her theory as part of her Piano Lesson.  She also attended her Teacher's monthly "Theory Club Class", where Students of all levels would get together for 2 hours on a Friday night to eat pizza and complete Theory Pages.

After March 2020, Claire completed her theory as part of her On-Line Piano Lesson.  She also attended Zoom Theory Club Classes every 2 weeks, joining her Theory Club Class Friends On-Line (but without the pizza).

With the written theory exams changed over to an on-line format during the 2020 Pandemic, Claire was super motivated to earn a Perfect 100% on her Level 6 Theory Exam.  And she did!

As her Teacher, I would like to share 4 Tips that helped Claire earn a Perfect 100% on her Level 6 Theory Exam.

Earning a Perfect 100% on the Level 6 Theory Exam - Tip #1

Tip #1 is to use the correct Ultimate Music Theory Workbooks to prepare for each Theory Exam Level.

In order to complete the requirements for the RCM Level 6 Theory Exam (using the 2016 Edition Theory Syllabus), your Student will need to complete:

These 2 books are used at the same time. The Intermediate Workbook will provide the Theory Foundation that an Intermediate Level Musician will need to learn and perform at this level.

The LEVEL 6 Supplemental Workbook teaches the history and harmony components that a Level 6 RCM Student needs to know to complete their co-requisite Theory Exam.

Ultimate Music Theory Perfect 100% on Level 6 Theory Exam

In the title at the top of each page in the LEVEL 6 Supplemental Workbook, you will find "Use after Intermediate Page ___".  This will make it super easy to assign the Supplemental Workbook pages that correspond to the UMT Intermediate Workbook Pages.

It is important to also use the UMT Intermediate Answer Book and the LEVEL 6 Supplemental Answer Book to mark your Student's Workbook.  These Answer Books are designed to make marking super duper easy for Teachers.

In the Supplemental Answer Books, you will often see the phrase "one possible answer".  In Melody Writing, there is often more than one correct answer.  The possible answer given in the Answer Book can be used as a guideline for marking your Student's melodies.

Earning a Perfect 100% on the Level 6 Theory Exam - Tip #2

Tip #2 is to have your students complete the Corresponding Ultimate Music Theory Practice Exams.

Again, there are Answers for these Exams!  For busy Teachers, that really can make the world of difference in your lesson time management.

Having to teach On-Line certainly changed how I organized my lesson time.  To make it easier for me, I asked my Students and Parents to scan (or take pictures of) each Theory Page and email it to me at my Studio before each lesson.

Claire completed all of her Practice Exams and Supplemental Exams while having On-Line Lessons.

Ultimate Music Theory Perfect Level 6 Theory Exam - Practice Exams

Here is a "Bonus Teacher Tip" from me:  During Claire's On-Line lesson, I would mark her Theory while listening to her play her Technical Requirements.  Marking Theory while listening to Technique works best for me as, if I needed to have the student correct a question, I find it simple to "pause the playing" in between scales or triad key changes.

To prepare for the RCM Level 6 Theory Exam, use the following Practice Exams:

The Supplemental Exam Series is available for DOWNLOAD.  By purchasing these Digital Products once, you receive a Studio License to photocopy (or reprint) them for your Students forever.

Here is another "Teacher Tip":  Remember to charge your Students a "Download and Print" Fee for these exams.

Earning a Perfect 100% on the Level 6 Theory Exam - Tip #3

Tip #3 is to have a "Motivator" for your Students.  I use 2 Motivators for my Theory Students.

Motivator #1 - Stickers!  For my 5 year olds to my 85 year olds, stickers WORK!  My Students get to put a Sticker on each Perfect (Completed and Correct) Theory Page.

Motivator #2 - The Clipped Corner Challenge - In my Studio, each Student has a "Clipped Corner Theory Jar".  When they finish the front and back of each Theory page, they get to clip the corner (and put it in their Jar).

You can learn more about my Clipped Corner Theory Challenge by reading the blog here.

When Claire was ready to write her Level 6 Theory Exam, I asked her to count her Clipped Corners.  Here is the message that she sent me:

I clipped and counted all my new (and old) theory pages, and I just wanted to let you know how many I had (I have sooo many!!!!).  In my jar, I have 227 clips, from summer 2019, to the pandemic, or summer 2020.  My new clippings, I have 197 clips, from the start of the pandemic, or summer 2020.  

This was the perfect motivator for Claire!

Ultimate Music Theory Perfect Level 6 Theory Exam Motivator
Ultimate Music Theory Perfect Level 6 RCM Theory Exam

Earning a Perfect 100% on the Level 6 Theory Exam - Tip #4

Tip #4 is to Celebrate Success!

When your Students use the Ultimate Music Theory Products to earn 100% on their Nationally Recognized Theory Exams, they then belong to the "100% Club"!

On the Ultimate Music Theory Website, you will find these Certificates of Achievement available to download and complete.

Simply follow these 3 Simple Steps to receive your Music Theory LEVEL 100% Club Certificate.

  • Step 1: Pick the Music Theory Level and enter the student name.
  • Step 2: Print, enter the date and teacher's signature.
  • Step 3: Present to the student and Celebrate!

Feel free to share a picture of your Students with their 100% Club Certificates on the Ultimate Music Theory Facebook Page.  Not a member?  Join us now!


Being a Teacher can be lonely.  We often teach privately and don't have access to Educators and Teachers on a regular basis.

In my journey with Ultimate Music Theory (from a Teacher who started to use the first edition of Glory St. Germain's Workbooks to now being the UMT Examiner), I discovered the following:

  • Discovery #1 - My own journey as a Student had a lot of theory gaps.  I just didn't know it!
  • Discovery #2 - I didn't realize just how much I did not know until I discovered that I did not know it.

As a Teacher, I would often question the "Answer Book" when marking my Student's work, but I was never able to explain or understand why my answer did not match the Correct Answer in the Answer Book.

Now that I have completed every UMT Workbook and Online Course, I really wish that I could reach out to my former students and say "I'm so sorry!"

If you are the kind of Teacher who is open to learning, who is open to discovering what you may not even realize that you do not know, please check out the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course!

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Keep on Learning... With a Smile and a Song!

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