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Learning Connection Success Principles - Three Essential D's

With Glory St. Germain - Music Educator Business Expert

How can a Learning Connection with the Three Essential D's get YOU started on Your Path to Success?

Watch Glory St. Germain, International Bestselling Author 50+ Ultimate Music Theory Books & The Power of WHY Musicians Series, UMT Teachers Membership Coach and Creator of the Ultimate Music Theory Certification (UMTC) Elite Educator Program, as she shares the...

Learning Connection for Success that begins with the Three Essential D’s.

Watch Glory St. Germain Teach the Learning Connection for Success - Three Essential D's

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Learning Connection

The first learning connection D is DESIRE.

When I first started writing the Ultimate Music Theory Series, it began with a simple thought, a few worksheets, a few more worksheets and then a vision – a DESIRE to create something that would really help you to have the best music theory course ever... and to make your musical journey even easier.

The one thing we never seem to have enough of… and we can never get back… is TIME. We all have regrets, "wish I would have" and "I’m going to do that" goals, but we always seem to run out of time. My desire was to create a music theory program with learning connection ideas that support students and teachers.

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The UMT program provides you with easy to understand workbooks, exam books, answer books, Online Courses and many Free Resources that will save you hours of time in your learning and teaching, so that you can spend more time doing all the other things you want to do.

How can we share our desire to learn?

Our attitude and excitement in our learning and in our teaching is infectious and shows others how much fun it is to learn new things – and WHY it’s important to learn music theory.

Have you ever had a desire to really DO something?

What is stopping you from seeing the end result of whatever you desire? Does your desire sound like wishful thinking?

A desire is not the same as a wish. In order to have a true DESIRE that enables us to take the next step, our desire needs to become a BURNING DESIRE… which brings us to the next D.

The second learning connection D is DETERMINATION.

My burning DESIRE to write the Ultimate Music Theory Series came through sheer DETERMINATION. Never Give Up. I’m sure you have heard those words many times. My mother – one of my greatest inspirations – said those words to me often. (I can still hear her voice.)

As a mother of 5, grandmother and teacher, I have repeated her words many times to my own children, grandchildren and students. Without Desire and Determination our good intentions remain just that – good intentions.

Ray & Glory St. Germain Family

Here is a picture of my husband Ray St. Germain as he was honored with the  Lifetime Achievement Award at the Manito Ahbee Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards.

Ray St. Germain has accomplished so much in his career and received numerous awards for his music including being inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. We are so proud of him.

Ray's Desire, Determination and Dedication paved the path for his success!

As you look ahead, what is your greatest Dream? Is it:

  • to improve your own performance skills so that you can play piano like Liberace?
  • to build your studio and make more money so that you can travel?
  • to attend a teachers’ conference to get new ideas on teaching?
  • to improve your own professional development by taking UMT Online Courses?
  • Whatever your dream – we need Desire and Determination to get it done.

The third learning connection D is DEDICATION.

We may have a Desire to learn, we may also have Determination to learn, but without DEDICATION our goal may not be reached.

As I look back on my journey in music theory education (that's another blog...lol),  I understand how each of the Three Essential D’s have contributed to my learning connection and my goal of creating the Ultimate Music Theory Program.


With Desire, Determination and Dedication

You can do ANYTHING!

The most important step to reaching any goal... is taking the first step.


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