Kamara Hennessey Music Education is Ageless

Music Education is Ageless

What are your learning goals?

No matter what age we are, we can always learn, grow and develop our craft.

Learning music is ageless.  It begins with the first note.

Kamara Hennessey - Ultimate Music Theory


Kamara Hennessey is an extraordinary Ultimate Music Theory teacher, musician, band member and inspiring educator.

Watch Glory St. Germain and Special Guest Kamara Hennessey as she shares her story,

of starting music lessons in her teens, to being "dared" to join a community band as an adult,

to becoming an Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teacher,
to nurturing the 5 areas of development in the Cooperative Learning Theory while running a successful teaching studio.

Listen to Kamara Hennessey - one inspiring music teacher's story of NEPD -
Never Ending Professional Development - this may change your path forever.


Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course Online Teacher Training includes: 50 Video Sessions, All Materials, Online Support,
Exam Marking & Certificate!

Click HERE to discover what you will learn in the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course.  Your professional development Online Teacher Training starts here.


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