Circle How You Feel


Circle How You Feel

How do you know how others feel? Teaching is the most amazing profession of all, at least in my opinion. I love to teach. I love to teach students and I love to teach teachers at the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in teaching is to be aware of how others feel, as well as how I feel.

So how DO we know how others feel?

Some of us communicate via email, or Facebook, or texting, or talking on the phone, but does that really show HOW we feel?

Not really, because we can hide behind words, but we can't hide behind our true facial expression.

My "Circle How You Feel" Story

Circle How You FeelSo what's with "Circle How You Feel"? When you watch a performer, their face says it all.

Their face says I LOVE performing, singing, playing the piano, dancing... whatever it might be.

To truly perform, you must FEEL the expression in your face and communicate your feelings to the audience. Well, here's my story....

As I was teaching today, my student walked in with a smile on her face but her eyes still had that "I could use a nap" look in them.

My stickers were laying on my desk in readiness for our lesson.

She pulled out her Prep 1 Rudiments Workbook.

She was very proud that she had completed her homework and SO SURE that she would score 100% on her Prep 1 Lesson 5 review on dynamics, that we headed straight to the piano to begin our theory lesson.

How You Feel - Piano Lesson With Prep 1 - PhotoAs we started her lesson, I asked "How do you feel today?".

As she is a young quiet student, she doesn't always share too much, but she happily pointed to the stickers and said, "May I circle how I feel?".

Great idea," I replied. "Circle all the faces that show how you feel." So she did. She found it easy to express her feelings by circling the face that best represented how she felt.

So now... I'm asking you - How are YOU today?

Circle how YOU feel!

Are you Happy, Sad, Confused, Excited, Overwhelmed, Relaxed, Exhausted, Motivated, Anxious, Joyous, Scared, Grateful, Sick, Tired, Questioning, Regretful, Sorry, Sleepy, Happy, Determined, Quiet, Reflecting, Angry, Apprehensive, Hungry, Lonely, Ecstatic, Wonderful or a combination of many?

We had lots of fun and a few laughs at trying to make the faces of all the silly faces that expressed what each face was feeling.

Can Music Change How You Feel?

Turn to Page 62 in your Prep 1 Rudiments Workbook and play the melody for Question 2 of the Lesson 5 on Dynamics.  After completing the exercise, play both a) and b) with the dynamics written properly (below the Treble Staff and above the Bass Staff).

What emotion is this melody creating - how does it make you feel? Happy?

What can we add to make it sad? (Hint - it uses the notes of the C Major pentascale. What would it sound like if we use the c minor pentascale by changing the E to E flat?) Explore dynamics and articulation to explore different emotions.

"Face to Face" meetings, teaching and communicating are still the most important way to connect with others.

CIRCLE How YOU Feel and ask your students to do the same.... it may surprise you.

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