Hetty Jagersma Student Learning Needs

Student Learning Needs

Do you meet music students where "they are" in THEIR learning needs?

Watch Glory St. Germain and Special Guest Hetty Jagersma in the Ultimate Music Interview.

Musicians need to learn music theory, but do they NEED to do exams? Do they NEED to perform?

What to do with "non-practicing" students and where to start with very young students to adult BEGINNER students who DON'T want a baby book to learn!?!

BLOG Hetty Jagersma - Ultimate Music Theory

Hetty Jagersma Student Learning Needs

Hetty Jagersma is a successful Music for Young Children Teacher, private piano teacher and an Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teacher.

Hetty enjoys continuing education through Professional Development Education, is a member of the Tim Topham Inner Circle and Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teachers Facebook Group.

In addition to being a busy wife and mother of two boys, Hetty is also a great support to many teachers and students.



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