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Schmitt Music - Community Retailer

Why be part of your local music community - which includes your local retailers? 

What does it mean to have your very own "sheet music specialist"?  

Watch Glory St. Germain and Special Guest Elliott Wessel - Print Music Product Manager for Schmitt Music as he shares 3 Ideas on how your local retailer can provide you with amazing resources, including a "Music Specialist" and Professional Development Opportunities!

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Elliott Wessel - UMT Interview

Elliott Wessel - Schmitt Music Community Retailer

Elliott Wessel - Print Music Product Manager for Schmitt Music.  Elliott's talents include: Musician (multi-instrumentalist), singer, actor and expert in all things Print Music. 

Elliott has a widely varied background in retail, marketing, promotions, radio and theater, as well as music performance. Schmitt Music, family owned and operated since 1896, is based in Minneapolis and operates 14 stores in 7 states.  

Elliott's dedication to providing the best in print music and supporting musicians, teachers and students with continued resources is evident in his passion as Print Music Manager at Schmitt Music - Community Retailer.

Explore the resources at your local print music retailer and join the Music Community.


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