Coronavirus – Learn how to teach online music lessons during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many music teachers have been forced to look for alternative ways to teach music online and continue with supportive informative and fun lessons. Our job as educators is to now teach music online to keep students motivated with their very important musicianship development skills while staying at home and possibly having MORE time to practice!

Glory St. Germain from Ultimate Music Theory and Special Guest Dr. Melody Payne share the simple resources to get you started teaching piano and music theory online with FREE Resources to easily get set up right now.

Listen to the how-to teach music online, what systems to use, resources and everything from setting up to lighting, audio, video camera - what do you really need to SIMPLY start teaching online lessons?

So it’s a little scary with the Coronavirus – and wondering how are we going to Learn How to Teach Online Music Lessons Due to COVID-19 – especially if we have NEVER taught online lessons before and don’t know where to start!

Dr. Melody Payne, NCTM, teaches piano lessons in the mountains of southwest Virginia and enjoys helping other piano teachers create the studios they’ve always wanted so they can live their best piano teaching lives. She loves writing relevant articles for today’s piano teachers and students, authoring kid-friendly researched-based music teaching resources, and teaching her own private piano students, both locally and online.

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