Cleaning Whiteboards – 4 Easy Tips

Student and Whiteboard

Cleaning Whiteboards

Cleaning Whiteboards is easy with these 4 tips.  You finally bought your Ultimate Music Theory Whiteboards and can’t imagine what lessons were like before them. But now your Whiteboard is not as white as it used to be.

The Ultimate Music Theory Whiteboards are a unique and exciting addition to any Music Studio and to every Theory Lesson.

One side of the Whiteboard is blank.

The other side has a circle, a keyboard and two empty staves.

Cleaning Whiteboards is simple!

Cleaning Whiteboards - 4 Easy Tips

  1. Purchase a “Marker Board Cleaner” Spray. This is a spray designed specifically to clean a Dry-Erase Whiteboard. Found in most “Office Supply” Stores, this spray makes cleaning whiteboards a snap.
  2. Wipe with baby wipes or disinfectant wipes. The key is that you must use a soft cloth to dry the board thoroughly after wiping. (Do not use a tissue that has hand softener in it – it will leave a residue on the Whiteboard.)
  3. Put some hand sanitizer on a piece of paper towel and wipe the Whiteboard down. Then use a water dampened piece of paper towel to wipe the residue off and then dry the Whiteboard off thoroughly with a soft cloth.
  4. Spray the Whiteboard with eye glass lens cleaner or with iPad/iPhone cleaner. Clean with a soft cloth.

The life of a Dry-Erase Eraser is usually 1 to 2 years.

If you find that your Eraser is not erasing cleanly, wash it thoroughly in warm soapy water and then rinse it under a warm running faucet until all traces of the soap are gone. Pat it to remove excess moisture and then let it air dry for a couple of days before using it.

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For Students and Teachers:

The Whiteboard fits perfectly in the Ultimate Music Theory Tote Bag and can be used by students at home when completing their Theory AND at the lesson for games and activities.

The Student Whiteboard comes with a Dry-Erase Marker and a small Dry-Erase Eraser.

Replacement Dry-Erase Markers and Dry-Erase Erasers are available at most Dollar Stores and at the Office Supply Store. Do not use a “Permanent” Marker on your Whiteboard – you must only use markers that are specifically made for Dry-Erase Whiteboards.


  • Secondly, we wanted our Whiteboard to be light enough for even the youngest of students to use with ease. Again, adding the magnetic component would have tripled the weight.
  • Finally, there are simply so many uses for the Ultimate Music Theory Whiteboard, it would be impossible to create all the magnetic pieces needed to play all the games and activities. It is much easier to just use a Dry-Erase Markers.


(11 x 16) two-sided Whiteboards.
Perfect for Teaching!

  • EASY TO USE - Includes stand, dry-erasers and 6 dry-erase markers
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - with staff lines, keyboard and circle
  • MULTI-USE - Blank on the other side for your creative imagination
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Cleaning Whiteboards using the 4 Easy Tips!

If you have a tip for Cleaning Whiteboards, please share it below.

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Shelagh McKibbon-U'Ren


6 thoughts on “Cleaning Whiteboards – 4 Easy Tips”

  • Dianne Potts says:

    A small section of paper towel with one drop of Sunlight dish detergent to clean followed by a lightly dampened paper towel to wipe off and a dry paper towel to shine dry and VOILA!

    • Shelagh McKibbon-U'Ren says:

      Excellent Dianne! (As long as you don’t submerse the Whiteboard in a tub of water! LOL. And yes, I have to put that in there because I DID ask my husband to wipe my Whiteboard for me as I was preparing for my theory group and the darling went to dunk it in the sink.) Shelagh

    • Sharon P. Alexander says:

      thank you sweetheart for the info. you have been so helpful!
      Sharon P. Alexander, Owner/ Administrator/Piano Instructor

  • Denise Burnett says:

    Do you have any tips for transposing for different band instruments. I get all mixed up about going up or down ie. clarinet music to concert pitch and vice versa. I enjoy reading all your little tips.

    • Shelagh McKibbon-U'Ren says:

      I used to get mixed up too until I made a little “mind picture” – the performer is playing UP on the stage and the orchestra is playing DOWN in the pit. The orchestra always plays the Concert Music in Concert Pitch in the PIT (get it, PIT – PITCH). So if you are on stage playing the solo instrument and you have to transpose it into Concert PITch, would you go UP to the pit or DOWN to the pit? Yes, you would go DOWN to the pit (because you are UP on the stage and to go down into the Orchestra Pit, you have to go down). Thus you go DOWN when transposing from solo instrument to Concert Pitch. Now, if you are playing the Concert Music in the PIT in Concert PITch, the solo instrument is on the stage UP ABOVE you. So, if you are transposing from Concert Pitch (in the PIT) UP to the Solo Instrument on the Stage, you transpose UP! Does this help? (Remember, you have to really visualize this to see the up/down, but it will help you make the connection….I hope! Let me know if this makes sense at all. (And Thanks! I enjoy trying to write my little tips to support other teachers. Teaching can be a very lonely profession at times, so when something “clicks” for me, I want to share it with others.) Shelagh

  • Just wanted to add that I also have used nail polish remover to clean my whiteboard and it works perfect! Just use a Kleenex or cotton ball and a light nail polish remover – whiteboard cleans easily and is shiny and new! Glory 🙂

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