Carol Matz Composer Arranger Piano Teacher

Composer, Arranger, Piano Teacher

How do you teach students to improvise, play with lead sheets and develop their Pro Piano Skills?

Watch Glory St. Germain and Special Guest Carol Matz in the Ultimate Music Interview.  

Learn how Carol's process can inspire you and your students to get started today.  

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Carol Matz - UMT Interview

Carol Matz - Composer, Arranger, Piano Teacher

Carol Matz is an experienced composer, arranger and piano teacher.

Carol has composed, authored, and arranged over 300 published titles for piano students. An experienced piano teacher herself, Carol has presented numerous piano-teaching workshops throughout the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, and Australia.

Carol studied composition, arranging, and orchestration at the University of Miami, and has written for a variety of ensembles including orchestra, jazz big band, brass quintet, and string quartet. Her work also includes studio arrangements for a number of artists in Miami-area recording studios.

Carol Matz has presented hundreds of piano-teaching workshops worldwide. She is well known for her "Famous & Fun" series and the "Interactive Piano Method®."


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