Bradley Sowash – Developing Chord Fluency

Developing Chord Fluency

What is it and how do you learn it?

Developing Chord Fluency is easy with Bradley Sowash,
multi-instrumentalist, composer, educator and innovative online group jazz piano Master Teacher.


Bradley Sowash - UMT Interview

Bradley Sowash Developing Chord Fluency

Bradley Sowash is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and educator known for his innovative online group jazz piano classes, widely-acclaimed keyboard improvisation books, and as the co-founder of 88 Creative Keys workshops and webinars for music teachers.

Bradley shares his passion for improvisation, composition and helping "classically trained" musicians learn the joy of developing chord fluency.

Watch Glory St. Germain and Special Guest Bradley Sowash as he reveals how you can learn to construct chords and move beyond music theory worksheets to interpret chord symbols and identify underlying harmonies in Developing Chord Fluency.


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