3 Tips To Balance Teaching, Personal Life & Professional Development

3 Tips To Balance Teaching, Personal Life & Professional Development

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How do you find Life Balance? And is there such a thing?

In today’s busy world of schedules, activities, work & play time, things can get pretty hectic!

It’s important to know how to keep it all together without feeling frazzled.

I’m Glory St. Germain from UMT and my Special Guest today is Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teacher Melanie Poruchny, and she juggles all three.

Melanie is a successfulmusic teacher, singer, mom, multi-instrumentalist(guitar and piano), author/composer/recording artist of her original song “Ode to My Sock”, which she also released as her first childrens book and “always a student” in continuingeducation.

And she’s about to share 3 Tips To Balance Your Teaching, Your Personal Life & Your Professional Development!

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