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How can you use Brain Science to learn music anywhere,
even if you don't have an instrument?

Our learning scientists have been working to break key Music Theory concepts into their fundamental building blocks, and organize them in a pattern that is customized to the student’s brain’s pace of learning.

More efficient studying means that students will have more time to focus on their instruments.

Watch Glory St. Germain and Andrew Cohen CEO of Brainscape (Ultimate Music Theory Flashcard's App Partner),
share how Brainscape’s web & mobile app has helped thousands of learners literally double their speed of Music Theory skills advancement. 

Ultimate Music Theory App - Over 7000 Flashcards

Andrew Cohen FBL Interview

Andrew Cohen - Brain Science - MusicTheoryApp

Andrew Cohen is the founder & CEO of Brainscape, a web & mobile education platform that helps people learn more efficiently using an adaptive learning algorithm.

Brainscape originated as a personal project that Andrew used to help him study foreign languages, and it has since grown into a product used by millions of students for hundreds of diverse subjects.

Andrew previously worked as an Instructional Designer for the World Bank and the United Nations and has consulted for several Wall St. corporate training initiatives. He holds an MA in Education Technology from Columbia University.


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