Prep 1 Rudiments may be completed together with the UMT Supplemental Workbook Levels.

PREP LEVEL Supplemental Workbook is designed to be completed with the PREP 1 Rudiments.

LEVEL 1 Supplemental Workbook is designed to be completed after both PREP 1 and PREP LEVEL.

Supplemental Books include Melody Writing, History & Much More!


PREP LEVEL Supplemental Workbook


The PREP LEVEL Supplemental Workbook is designed to be completed with the Prep 1 Rudiments Workbook. The Identical Matching Answer Book is a handy resource for quick, easy and accurate marking.

PREP LEVEL Supplemental Workbook Pages 28 - 29 feature Music History.

These Music History Videos are provided for you as a Free Resource when completing the PREP LEVEL Workbook pages.

In the PREP LEVEL Supplemental Workbook pages 28 and 29, you will be learning about Music History – Time Periods and Instruments. Enjoy watching the videos below.

A Proven Step-by-Step Workbook System!

Watch and learn about the harpsichord from the Baroque Period.

 Learn about the Orchestral Instruments as you listen to the music by Composer Henry Purcell.

As you complete the PREP LEVEL Supplemental Workbook and continue into the LEVEL 1 Supplemental Workbook, you will learn about Orchestral Instruments and the Orchestra Sections. Watch this Guide to the Orchestra as you prepare to learn the Orchestral Instruments in your Ultimate Music Theory Supplemental Workbooks.

The PREP LEVEL Supplemental Workbook features these concepts and more!

  • PITCH - Up to one ledger line above and below the Treble & Bass Staff
  • SCALES - C Major and a minor natural
  • INTERVALS - Notes moving by step, skip or that repeat
  • MELODY WRITING - Motive, Repetition and Composition
  • ANALYSIS - Musical Terms, Sight Reading and Game
  • MUSIC HISTORY - Time Periods and Instruments
  • THEORY EXAM - Preparatory Level

The Ultimate Music Theory™ Program and Supplemental Workbooks help students prepare for nationally recognized theory examinations including the Royal Conservatory of Music. Note: UMT Answer Books are available for ALL Levels.

A Proven Step-by-Step Workbook System!

Use the  Ultimate Music Theory Theory Flashcards App with 6 Subjects and Over 7000 Flashcards including audio!

  • LEARN FASTER – Use on any device, phone, tablet, computer
  • EXPLORE – Identify written & audio notation
  • PLAY – Sight Reading and Ear Training Games and much More!

Students will LOVE hearing exact pitch and pronunciation of terms.

Students will be INSPIRED to use their imagination while building a foundation in Ear Training and Sight Reading.

The One and ONLY Music Theory App & Matching Workbook!

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