Complete Rudiments may be completed together with the UMT Supplemental Workbook Levels.

Complete Supplemental Workbook includes Melody Writing, History & Much More! Video links for all Music History listening activities included below.

Supplemental Books include Melody Writing, History & Much More!


Complete Supplemental Video Lesson 4

Pages 36 - 41.  Mozart and the 12 Variations Ah vous diai-je, Maman K 265

Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman, K 265 by Mozart
When Mozart was 22 years old (in 1778), he wrote a “Theme and Variations” piece based on the popular nursery rhyme Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. In a “Theme and Variations”, a theme is played by the instrument (or instruments) and then repeated (the “Variations”), with changes in melody, harmony, rhythm and/or texture.

Level 2 Supplementary Workbook Pages 34 & 35. Listen to Mozart’s 12 Variations in C Major – Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman, K 265 and check the correct answer for each of the changes you hear in the 12 Variations.

Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 K 467.

Level 2 Supplementary Workbook Pages 36 & 37. Answer the questions and listen to Mozart’s Piano Concerto.

Horn Concerto No. 4 in E flat Major K 495 Third Movement, Rondo Form by Mozart

Level 2 Supplementary Workbook Page 38.  Listen to the Horn Concerto No. 4 in E flat Major, K 495, Third Movement, Rondo Form. Check the correct answer on your page as you listen to the Rondo and identify the Theme A as it is introduced at the beginning of the music.

Mozart Documentary – The Genius of Mozart 1/3 “Miracle of Nature”

The Three Part Documentary Series below is about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791). Enjoy watching this wonderful presentation on the life and music of Mozart.

Mozart Documentary – The Genius of Mozart 2/3 “A Passion for the Stage”

Mozart Documentary – The Genius of Mozart 3/3 “The First Romantic”

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