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Complete Video Lesson 11 - 12

1. Ordo Virtutum by Hildegard von Bingen

Ordo Virtutum - Scene 4

COMPLETE Supplemental Workbook Pages 184 - 193. Answer the questions and listen to Ordo Virtutum by Hildegard von Bingen

Start at 54:12 To view:  Ordo Virtutum Scene 4: Quae es, aut unde venis? (Latin: Who art thou, and from whence comest thou?)The question is asked by the Devil, Diabolus, who has no music in him. He never sings, only speaks in strepitus (violent shouting).  The Devil irrupts and fights to bring the Soul (Anima) down. The Soul is repentant and engages in a victorious battle to overcome the Devil.

2. Sumer Is Icumen In by Anonymous, 13th century

Answer the questions and listen to Sumer Is Icumen In ("Reading Rota") Anonymous, 13th century

Listen to Sumer Is Icumen In six voice a cappella. "Sumer Is Icumen In" is a traditional English medieval round, and possibly the oldest such example of counterpoint in existence. The title may be translated as "Summer has come in" or "Summer has arrived". The round is sometimes known as the Reading Rota because the manuscript comes from Reading Abbey though it may not have been written there. It is the oldest piece of six-part polyphonic music. Its composer is anonymous.

Middle English Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing cuccu! Groweþ sed and bloweþ med And springþ þe wde nu, Sing cuccu!

Awe bleteþ after lomb, Lhouþ after calue cu. Bulluc sterteþ, bucke uerteþ, Murie sing cuccu! Cuccu, cuccu, wel singes þu cuccu; Ne swik þu nauer nu.

Pes: Sing cuccu nu. Sing cuccu. Sing cuccu. Sing cuccu nu!

Modern English Summer has arrived, Loudly sing, Cuckoo! The seed grows and the meadow blooms And the wood springs anew, Sing, Cuckoo!

The ewe bleats after the lamb The cow lows after the calf. The bullock stirs, the stag farts, Merrily sing, Cuckoo! Cuckoo, cuckoo, well you sing, cuckoo; Don't ever you stop now,

Sing cuckoo now. Sing, Cuckoo. Sing Cuckoo. Sing cuckoo now!

 Sumer Is Icumen In - A Cappella group

 Sumer Is Icumen In - Peformance

Summer Is A Coming In - The Futureheads

3. El Grillo by Josquin des Prez

El Grillo - The Score

Answer the questions and listen to El grillo by Josquin des Prez

Josquin des Prez - El grillo (The Cricket) closely follows the rhythm & meaning of the poem. (English translation of El grillo is below the video.) Word Painting, the emotional feeling of the poem, is mirrored in the melody and harmony of the music.

El grillo (The Cricket) LYRICS / Letra

El grillo è buon cantore,  (The cricket is a good singer,)
Che tienne longo verso,  (And he sings for a long time,)
Dalle beve grillo canta.  (Give him a drink so he can go on singing.)
Ma non fa come gli altri uccelli,  (But he doesn't do what the other birds do,)
Come li han cantato un poco,  (Who after singing a little,)
Van' de fatto in altro loco.  (Just go elsewhere.)
Sempre el grillo sta pur saldo,  (The cricket is always steadfast,)
Quando la maggior è'l caldo,  (When it is hottest,)
Al' hor canta sol per amore.  (Then he sings just for love.)

 El Grillo - Choral Performance

 El Grillo - Four Part Vocals

 El Grillo - English Translation

4. The Javanese Gamelan

Javanese Gamelan - Music and Dance

Answer the questions and listen to The Javanese Gamelan - Kaboran (Gamelan Prawa)

 The Wayang Puppet Theatre

 Javanese Gamelan

Watch and Learn about The Javanaese Gamelan - Tuning

5. The Raga in Indian Music

 Watch the Performance by Irshad Khan -  Raag: Bhopali

Raga in Indian Classical Music - "Evening Raga: Bhopali" (Irshad Khan)

Performance by Anoushka Shankar

Ravi Shankar & Anoushka Shankar Live: Raag Khamaj (1997)

Learn more about The Raga in Indian Music - Traditional

Norwegian Wood (LIVE Beatles Tribute with Sitar)

Anoushka Shankar - Traces Of You ft. Norah Jones

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