Basic Rudiments may be completed together with the UMT Supplemental Workbook Levels.

LEVEL 4 Supplemental Workbook is designed to be completed with the Basic Rudiments.

LEVEL 5 Supplemental Workbook is designed to be completed after both Basic and LEVEL 4.

Supplemental Books include Melody Writing, History & Much More!


Basic Rudiments Workbook

Basic Workbook and Answer Book

The Basic Theory Workbook is recommended for concurrent study when preparing for Grades 1 to 5 Practical Examinations. The matching Answer Book with hand-written answers is a convenient resource for quick, easy and accurate marking.

The Basic Rudiments Workbook continues developing a solid understanding to be successful in creating a strong foundation in Basic Theory.

Basic Rudiments Workbook includes these exclusive BONUS features:

  • 80 Ultimate Music Theory Flashcards - Vocabulary, Musical Signs, Rhythm and more! Use the Flashcards for one min. “EASY” review of terms and definitions learned in the previous classes.
  • Ultimate Music Theory Guide & Chart - convenient summary to review concepts. Memory Joggers that benefit all learning styles.
  • 12 Comprehensive Review Tests - support retention of concepts learned in previous lessons.

 Lesson #1 – Music Notation – Notes, Rests & Values

 Lesson #2 – Accidentals – Sharp, Flat & Natural Signs

 Lesson #3 – Semitones, Enharmonic Equivalents & Whole Tones

 Lesson #4 –Major Scales & the Circle of Fifths – Major Keys

 Lesson #5 – Intervals – Perfect, Major & Minor

 Lesson #6 – Circle of Fifths – Minor Keys & Minor Scales


 Lesson #7 – Key Signatures

Lesson #8 – Key Signatures on the Grand Staff

 Lesson #9 – Major Triads – Solid & Broken

 Lesson #10 – Harmonic Minor Scales

 Lesson #11 – Melodic Minor Scales

 Lesson #12 – Analysis & Musical Terms

Although thousands of hours are spent writing and proofing each book in the Ultimate Music Theory Series of Workbooks and Answer Books, sometimes printing and proofing errors occur.

The Basic Rudiments Errata Pages show corrections for the Ultimate Music Theory Basic Rudiments Workbook and Answer Book.

Download Basic Rudiments Errata Pages – Workbook and Answer Book


Use the  Ultimate Music Theory Theory Flashcards App – with 6 Subjects and Over 7000 Flashcards including audio!

  • LEARN FASTER – Use on any device, phone, tablet, computer
  • EXPLORE – Identify written & audio notation
  • PLAY – Sight Reading and Ear Training Games and much More!

Students will LOVE hearing exact pitch and pronunciation of terms.

Students will be INSPIRED to use their imagination while building a foundation in Ear Training and Sight Reading.

The One and ONLY Music Theory App & Matching Workbook!

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