Glory St. Germain - Musical Relationships

Glory St. Germain Founder/CEO, Speaker, International Bestselling Author with over 50 Ultimate Music Theory Books plus The Power of WHY Musicians Anthology Book Series.

Glory is the Host of the Magic of Music Movement Summits, Online Music Teachers Course Creator & Expert Music Teachers Business Coach.

Glory St. Germain ARCT RMT MYCC UMTC is the music theory expert!

Glory brings remarkably successful teaching experience to the development of the Ultimate Music Theory Program, Ultimate Music Teachers Membership, and Online Courses, including her Signature Course the UMTC Elite Educator Program & UMT Certification Course for Teachers.

Glory is a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) which she incorporates into her teacher training. She has held positions in many music teacher organizations and associations.

Glory's passion for teaching excellence sets a new standard of achievement in Music Theory Education in producing continuous training through her Online Courses, Membership for Ultimate Music Teachers, and Exclusive Elite Educator training to help teachers Elevate their Income, Impact their Teaching and Grow their Expert Music Teaching Business.