Vocal Warm Ups and Technical Exercises for Kids

Vocal Warm Ups and Technical Exercises for Kids

Teaching Voice and looking for Vocal Warm Ups and Technical Exercises for Kids?

Welcome our Guest Blogger Nikki Loney UMTC – Voice Teacher Extraordinaire. Watch the video as she shares a fun exercise you can do with your students today.

The FULL VOICE Workbook Series, by Nikki Loney and Mim Adams, have just launched their NEW Vocal Warm-Ups & Technical Exercises for Kids, which offers endless activities for vocal students ages 6 to 16.

Read more to download your FREE Vocal Warm Ups Sample pages! Here’s Nikki…

Vocal Warm Ups with Nikki Loney - GSG MUSICHey Voice Teachers!

Do you ever wonder why your young singers are soooo distracted during the warm-up part of your lesson?

How do you get them to stop wiggling and focus on singing?

The truth is, asking young singers to stand perfectly still and focus inward on an instrument they can not see is an unreasonable request.

Concentration is not only challenging for the kiddos, most of my adult students are unfocused and horribly distracted. I give them simple corrections – and nothing changes.

Truthfully, we all terribly distracted.

So how do you get more out of the warm up part of the lesson while still keeping students engaged and having fun?

Make the Exercise Visual – many singers are visual learners.

They need to SEE the musical concept – not just perform by rote. We can make singing visual in many different ways!

In this 7-minute FULL VOICE masterclass we are exploring the voice with Vocal Expression Lines. This fun activity allows singers to warm up with a fun activity while learning basic music concepts like, pitch, range, breathing, articulation, dynamics and more.

FULL VOICE exercise called “Vocal Expression Lines”.
“Vocal Expression Lines” activity has been a huge hit with my singers (of all ages) and it has even pulled some of my tired and grumpy little students out of their bad moods!

Ultimate Music Theory WhiteboardThe Ultimate Music Theory Whiteboard is a great teaching tool for the “Vocal Expression Lines” activity.

Singing vocal expression lines is one of the best ways to engage your singers to freely explore their voice and discover how to develop basic musical concepts such as:

  • Pitch
  • Range
  • Breathing
  • Articulations
  • Expression

Vocal Warm Ups and Technical Exercises - GSG MUSICIf you are looking for more ways to make singing “visual” (and much more fun) check out our new vocal activity boards:

Vocal Warm Ups and Technical Exercises for Kids!

This resource is available in both printed hard copy and download.

It includes a reproducible license so you can print – forever.

This resource has been “teacher and singer tested” for more smiles and better student engagement in each and every lesson.

Download the Vocal Warm-Ups & Technical Exercises today and try them with your students.

Free Sample pages:

FREE Download Vocal Warm-Ups – TRIADS

FREE Download Vocal Warm-Ups – ARTICULATION

Wishing you an inspired day of teaching – Nikki Loney

Thanks Nikki! I am absolutely doing this with my students this week. Whether you teach voice, piano, violin or any other instrument – this is a great activity to explore musical expression.

CLICK HERE to Download your FULL VOICE Vocal Warm-Ups & Technical Exercises for Kids right now.  Have Fun!

Till Next Time… Teach with Passion, Glory St. Germain


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