TMTA Convention 2018

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TMTA Convention 2018 - June 21–24, 2018

Why attend the TMTA Convention 2018 at the Waco Convention Center, (100 Washington Ave. Waco, TX 76701) in June? Because the Texas Music Teachers Association State Convention is an exciting time for learning and sharing ideas, and Enriching Lives Through Music Education.

We are thrilled to be part of the TMTA Convention 2018 Trade Show.  As educators, we are always thinking about NEPD - Never Ending Professional Development, and how we can serve you with teaching techniques and resources to make your teaching life even easier!

You're invited to the Ultimate Music Theory Showcase on Sat, June 23, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM in the Bosque Theatre. Discover why teachers are raving about the UMT Program.

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Ultimate Music Theory TEXAS TMTA 2018 POSTCARD

Kathy Crenshaw – Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teacher!

How did Kathy Crenshaw go from attending a Texas music teacher’s workshop to massive success in the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course in just 7 weeks?

It’s quite an amazing story and I’m so happy she shared it with us!

Click to read Kathy Crenshaw's UMTC Success Story.

"I am very enthused again about teaching theory. I’ve learned so much about how to teach each student in their own learning style. I’m looking forward to fun-filled year!

Thank you Glory and Shelagh! I highly recommend the professional development in the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course."  ~ Kathy Crenshaw UMTC

Kathy Crensahaw UMTC

Listen to what Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teacher Rebecca (Becky) Landreth UMTC
(Texas Music Teacher of the Year 2015), has to say about the UMT Certification Course.

Join us at the 2018 TMTA Convention!  You may even get to meet UMT Certified Teacher Becky Landreth!


Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course Online Teacher Training includes: 50 Video Sessions, All Materials, Online Support,
Exam Marking & Certificate!

Click HERE to discover what you will learn in the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course.  Your professional development Online Teacher Training starts here.

Teach With Passion... Enriching Life Through Music Education!

Glory St. Germain


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