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Does Your Music Theory Course Have What Ultimate Music Theory Offers?
There is certainly no shortage of courses available online for music theory. The difficult part comes when it’s time to choose one. Our Ultimate Music Theory’s course creators had students in mind when they designed our courses. If you’re looking for material that is comprehensive, easy to follow, and won’t waste your time, we invite you to take a closer look at The Ultimate Music Theory Series.
Our workbooks and practice exams will help you prepare for the nationally recognized theory exams. Our methods are built on the proven method of studying music theory that is aligned with these core principles: Simplicity of Learning, Memory Joggers, Tie it All Together, and Make it Relevant. These principles are the exclusive methods that have made our course the success that it is for students.
Our Complete Music Theory Online Course is made up of 24 video sessions, each one covering a specific concept. The accompanying Ultimate Music Theory Complete Rudiments workbooks includes everything you’ll need to stay current with the videos. Best of all, you can study at your own pace and convenience. We believe that students who are able to study at a tempo that fits their own schedule learn faster and retain more of what they learn during the course. With our Ultimate Music Theory course, you’ll master skills, learn faster, discover new concepts, and learn how to apply those concepts, implementing music theory into your own practical music studies.
You can get started today by registering on our website. Everything you need is provided for you through the course. As you progress through the course, homework will be assigned to you at the end of each video session. After completing the homework and checking your work, you’ll move on to the next session. Your downloadable worksheets and answer pages are included with the course. There will be a midterm exam after session 12, which you will submit for marking. At any point along the way, if you have questions, we will be here to provide support. Following your 24 video sessions, you’ll be ready to take the Advanced Rudiments Music Theory Exam. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive your Complete Music Theory Course Certificate.
Our course’s value is over $1,200, however you can register for the class now for just $299- and you’ll have access to everything promised in the video course. Our course is unique in its class in that it makes it possible to learn, laugh, and love music theory. Whether you want to learn music theory just for fun, or have other plans for your course certificate in mind, completing the course will open doors for you and allow you to take advantage of future opportunities you would otherwise miss out on without having taken Music Theory. Visit us online to learn more about our courses for both students and teachers- and take advantage of our free resources just by becoming a member of the UMT family.

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