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Top Reasons to Learn Music Theory With UMT:
#1: You’ll save money; in fact, using Ultimate Music Theory’s resources, you’ll save a significant amount of money over other systems and courses. We believe in providing a lot of value to our students, which is why our courses are priced well below what you would expect to pay from another music theory website. Consider our ‘Free Resources’ section, where we offer more than $800 worth of videos, lesson plans, worksheets, exams, flashcards, certificates, and more- all at absolutely no cost. Just join the UMT family and start using them for free. Our online courses are affordable too- priced to be of value as you build your music theory knowledge and skills.
#2: You’ll actually learn. Unlike other online courses that make promises and claims that sound great on the surface but in the end amount to little more than wasted time, you’ll find yourself learning faster with our system than with any other music theory system available online. If you’re a dedicated student or teacher interested in moving forward with your education, our proven system will help you get where you’re going. We use the latest in technology, including our amazing Ultimate Music Theory App, to develop skills and make learning fun and exciting.
#3: Amazing support. As a student at UMT, our support is available to you at anytime that you have questions or need assistance. We believe in providing the best quality educational materials to music teachers and students, however we know that in order to unlock the full value of our system, we must make a support staff available. When you sign up for one of our courses, you’ll not only get an amazing deal on a Ultimate Music Theory course, you’ll experience the proven benefits of having a team of pros by your side throughout your progress.
We want to make it exciting and easy to learn music theory, which is why we have created one of the largest online resources for teachers and students. Click the ‘UMT’ link to learn more about our Ultimate Music Theory School program, our 100% Club, videos, Webinars, our intelligent flashcard app, and our Ultimate Piano Series. Ready to get started right now? Just visit our ‘Free Resources’ section and start learning today- at no cost to you! Take advantage of the free tips and articles in our blog library, shop for materials or sign up for an UMT course.
We offer students the ability to study and learn at their own pace, conveniently in their own home- or from any remote location. If you dream of communicating more effectively through your music, our courses can help you achieve that goal. Learn how to sight read piano music, improve with lead sheets, compose your own music, read melodic or harmonic lines, and much, much more. UMT makes it affordable and easy to not only learn music theory, we make it possible to master music theory.

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